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Remembering our dear friend, Mark Rosen Z"L

Mark Rosen.jpgThis week, we lost a very dear friend, with the sudden passing last Shabbos of Mark Rosen (Moshe Shmuel ben Sholom Z”L).

I was originally introduced to Mark some ten years ago just after he celebrated his daughter’s Bar Mitzvah. At that point he had already been fighting ALS for seven years, and in my first encounter, I went with a perspective that I am going to be seeing someone who has been debilitated by ALS. However, I quickly realized that he didn’t define his life by his ALS, rather he was someone who had a profound depth, focus and sense of purpose and was determined to use his every day in a productive and meaningful manner.

Mark was an amazing father and invested tremendous energy and passion into looking after… Read More »

Red Sox or Yankees?

dreamstime_xs_17878083.jpgI was discussing with a loyal Yankee Fan, some of the great recent performances of the Red Sox and how they are doing so well. We discussed how the Red Sox had clobbered the Yankees and how the Yankees are quite a bit behind. However he quickly retorted that with several weeks left to the season and some major games ahead of us, it is still quite easy for the Yankees to overtake the Red Sox and still win. I am not so convinced, as I have been living in Massachusetts for too long now, and I have started to have an affinity to the Red Sox.

However, as I think about this idea, it is also a perfect analogy for our own personal game, that has played out in the year that  passed. It is likely that many of us did not fully… Read More »

Report from National Jewish Retreat

On Wednesday I journeyed down to the Rhode Island Convention Center with a dear friend from the Sudbury community, where we joined many hundreds of others at the National Jewish Retreat. The Retreat is lasting through the weekend, but the one day that we enjoyed was truly epic and packed with such a great lineup of powerful speakers. Others from our community will be enjoying more of it over the weekend.

We enjoyed Brigadier General Bentzi Gruber of the IDF who shared a presentation on the "8 Second Dilemma", which is an explanation of the IDF Code of Ethics. He showed real footage of combat scenes he was in, in which they had split second decisions to decide if it was a bystander, or combatant or what to do about… Read More »

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