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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Camp Gan Israel 2018 off to a great start!

Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury has had an amazing first week so far. Activities have included lots of sports, arts & crafts, food activities and baking, Challah Making, a scavenger hunt at Wholefoods, swimming, bowling, a trip to Urbanair, tons of games and a whole lot more.

The campers are having a truly great time and loving it tremendously!

Special thank you to our dedicated staff and volunteers who are helping make the camp into such a great experience for all of the campers.

Next week the fun will continue and we look forward to welcoming several new campers.

To sign up or for more info please visit www.chabadsudbury.com/camp 

To see some of the pictures of this week's camp activities click on the links below.

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A Royal Visit to Israel

dreamstime_xs_115879788.jpgAs someone who grew up in England, I was gratified to see the first Royal Visit to Israel since 1948, with the visit this week of Prince William this week to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more. The last time I saw him (at an event in England when I was a child) he was just a young child, and now he seemed to carry the dignity of the Crown in good stead as he represented England so well and also honored Israel and the Jewish people in a very beautiful and dignified manner. Click here for a video of some of his remarks in which he also referenced his Great Great Grandmother who helped save Jews during the Holocaust.

Contrast this with the story of another King and a bunch of princes who we read about this week in the Torah Portion… Read More »

Hebrew School Year End Celebration & Graduation

hsgrad2018.jpgThis past Sunday dozens of Hebrew School students and their family members joined together for a year end celebration and graduation. We are so very proud of all of our Hebrew School Students who successfully completed another great year of learning, our first in our own new center! It was truly a great way to conclude another wonderful year of of learning through the songs that were shared, the unique presentations, the art displays and so much more.

Thank you to all of our amazing staff and volunteers for making it into such a great year! A big thank you to our director Shayna Freeman for directing and running such a great Hebrew School where kids love to learn and be! Thank you to our dedicated volunteer and Hebrew Reading… Read More »

On Turning 40

XCpA7032973.jpgIn this week's Torah Portion we read about G-d deciding to have the Jew stay for 40 years in the desert. 

On a very different note,yesterday was a milestone for me as I celebrated a different forty years, my 40th birthday.

What is a Birthday?

A Birthday is a day when we remember the day we were born, which was when G-d said you matter and are integral part of his master plan. It is a day to stop and remember why we are here and how we are doing with our life mission and goals, and think about how can we better ourselves and improve what we do for the world around us.

In the Ethics of our Fathers it states what has since become a famous quote, “Ben Arboim LeBinah”, “40 years is the age of wisdom”.

40… Read More »

The Fears and Hopes of Sending Kids Away to an Overnight Camp

CampAs summer approaches, so does day camp, overnight camp, slower paced life, vacations and more. For so many people, summer is a time to rejuvenate, refresh, spend quality time with family members and to do stuff that we might put aside the rest of the year.

Personally, while I love the constant vibrant lifestyle that we have throughout the year, and the constant  interactions, meetings, classes, programs and more, I do look forward to the summer months. It is a time when we can slow down, catch our breath, and focus a little extra on family, spend time planning another great year, and enjoy some uplifting and invigorating moments when life runs at a different pace, do extra learning and reading, and so much more.

One of the great but… Read More »

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