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Memorial Day 2018 - Sudbury

Memorial Day Sudbury 2018.jpgThis week I was honored to stand with Sudbury's Veterans and their family members as well as hundreds of other Sudbury residents to mark Memorial Day as well as deliver a short Invocation.

Below is the text of the Invocation and the Remarks honoring the sacrifices of those who have enabled us to enjoy the freedoms we do in this country.

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen & Honored Veterans

Today we are here to honor the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending the USA and the freedoms and values that it represents. We remember those who perished throughout American History, including those who died in World War 1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and the War on Terror while defending this country, including Sudbur… Read More »

Who Am I?

HalachicTimes.jpgIs the highlight of our week Monday morning when we get into the office and know that we have a week of work ahead of us, or is it Friday evening when we spend Shabbat with the family? Are Shabbat and the weekdays two mutually exclusive zones in our lives or is there a different way to look at them?


I know for myself, with life as busy as it is, there is no day I enjoy more than Shabbat when life slows down and has another focus. Friday night Shabbat Dinner is a treasure that my family cherishes, as seemingly nothing else exists and no outside pressures are on our head, other than the beauty of Shabbat and enjoying spending relaxing time with each other.

Shabbat is the day of the week that as a family… Read More »

CTeen Israel & Final Event of the Year

20180506_200514.jpgThis past Sunday local teens enjoyed a great Israel themed CTeen event. The event included lots of fun activities, year end CTeen honors, a great presentation by two former IDF Lone soldiers who brought some cool gear too, letter writing to IDF Chayalim, a short Torah thought from Charlie Meyer, planning for next year CTeen and lots of fun as always.

Thank you to all of our great teens who made CTeen Sudbury so much fun this year and a huge thanks to our dedicated CTeen Sudbury Chapter Leader Chloe Meyer for all of her hard work and planning to help make this year a success.

A big thank you to Andrew Blank & Aaron Blank for coming in and telling their story and sharing meaningful anecdotes and experiences with all of us! Thank you for… Read More »

Lessons from an encounter on a London Bus

dreamstime_xs_54431125.jpgGrowing up in London included many uniquely British experiences, which included things like seeing the Royal Family from time to time, visiting Harrods and not buying anything, and of course travelling on London’s Double Decker Red Buses.  When travelling on the buses it was always more fun sitting upstairs on the bus and especially in the front seat where you almost felt like you were the driver from twenty feet up. Of course having the Conductor going around and collecting tickets and issuing a little piece of paper from his machine that he wore around his neck was part of the experience and drama.

Even within London buses there were some buses that were just a lot more fun, as these buses had an open doorway at the back … Read More »

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