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A Lesson in Healthy Profits

dreamstime_xs_47877967.jpgJudaism has Mitzvot and instructions that cover so many areas of our lives, and this week’s Torah reading highlights a whole range of such laws. These include laws from how we treat our workers and the poor, to how we treat our own body as in tattoos, self-harm, and more. It also includes laws about fair justice and about not showing favoritism in a legal system to either the wealthy and the powerful or to the poor and to those who have less means. It includes laws regarding agriculture and how we farm, how we plant and several laws concerning what we should do with our produce once we have harvested it. There is also mention in this week’s portion about social attitudes and not taking revenge or bearing a grudge and then of cou… Read More »

Overcoming Adversity, A Lesson from the Marathon, the Survivors & Israel

dreamstime_xs_85300273.jpgEarlier this week over 25,000 runners successfully completed an epic Marathon right here in Boston as they faced heavy downpours, headwinds and cold temperatures. As I sat with a relative on Sunday who had flown in from Jerusalem, Israel to run the Marathon, I was feeling terrible as I thought about the crazy weather they were going to have face the next day. Yet despite all the odds, 95% of these well trained people including our uncle, managed to successfully complete a grueling marathon.

The odds may not have seemed right, the conditions may have been crazy, and it may have been easier to just give in and not even bother. Yet that wasn’t what these people did, and instead they succeeded at making a challenging marathon be a smashi… Read More »

Evening of Remembrance Draws Big Crowd for Three Powerful Firsthand Stories of Holocaust Survival

EOFR 1.jpgLast night we had an incredible and emotional evening as three individuals who survived the Holocaust as children shared their personal and personal stories, but who uplifted us at the same time with their strength and ability to rise from the ashes.

Well over a hundred people of all ages joined us last night at Chabad of Sudbury for an Evening of Remembrance and the firsthand stories of three child Holocaust survivors.

Thank you to Hadassa Kubat for sharing her own story as a young child in a Ghetto and a German labor camp in Minsk from which only a handful of Jews survived. Hadassa's memories and anecdotes were both amazing and inspiring at the same time. Hadassa then gifted to Chabad a beautiful painting of Jerusalem by … Read More »

Reflections on Never Again & The Unbreakable Spirit

 dreamstime_xs_37635901.jpgThis week the New York Times published an article which highlighted a new study which showed that knowledge of the Holocaust was falling dramatically in this country especially among millennials and younger people. This does not mean there is Holocaust denial, as that is very low in this country, but it does mean, a lack of knowledge of what happened and of the scope of appreciation for the millions of lives cut down as a result of hate.

This week, I also watched how in Israel, the country ground to a halt, as cars stopped in their tracks, people stood still, and all you could hear was the piercing siren across the country that called to remember the six million. On social media, I saw dozens of people share photos of loved… Read More »

The British are Coming!

IMG-20180403-WA0032.jpgThis week, our family took a trip with my British Parents to Battle Road Visitors Center in Lexington. While I had heard and read plenty about the American Revolution, it was a different learning experience actually being there. The story became alive and much more relevant as we viewed the exhibits, a well done multimedia show, and actually spent time walking along Battle Road while stopping at various historic landmarks where major events happened along the way.

The trip gave me a greater appreciation for the painful history of this stretch of road and of some earlier American history. Yet I realized as I left, that precisely since we did not just read about it, but instead actually experienced the learning in an interactive and involved… Read More »

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