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In the wake of Parkland

Parkland.jpgOnce again a senseless and tragic murder spree in a public high school has left death and terror in its wake. Seventeen young lives were brutally snuffed out, many more were injured or severely traumatized and hundreds of people are no mourning loved ones.

No words can ever explain or do justice to this tragedy and the painful thought of all these parents who sent their kids off to school only to never be able to give them another hug, is just unfathomable.

My colleagues down in Parkland have lost teens who were involved in their Chabad Centers and have spent the last two days trying to give some kind of moral support to the hundreds of teens and their family members who attend that school. Six of the victims were members of the Jewish… Read More »

The Human as a Tree

 Pomegrante in Bat Ayin.jpgThis past Wednesday we celebrated the 15th of Shevat / New Year for the Trees

It is hard to think about trees and lush vegetation in the middle of the Winter. Yet TU B'Shevat, the 15th of Shevat is smack in the middle of the winter, and yes that is when we celebrate the New Year for the Trees.

"Man is the Tree of the Field" says the Torah. This phrase is often explained in Jewish and specifically Chassidic teachings as follows.

ROOTS: We should have deep spiritual roots which can nourish us properly and help us stand tall even when faced with storms and winds that sometimes come our way.

TRUNK: Have a robust life of growth that continuously develops and never ceases to keep aiming higher.

SAPLING: We… Read More »

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