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Reflections & Response to the mass murder in the Etz Chaim Synagogue

ixCD10681832.jpgOn Saturday after the services at our Synagogue, I noticed a bouquet of flowers that had been left by some friendly neighbors, with a note stating that they were thinking of us. My mind started turning as I realized that something ominous must have happened, yet on the Sabbath I don’t use electronics and had no idea what might have occurred.

Over the next few hours, I was informed by others regarding what had happened and harsh news began to sink in. Then at the conclusion of Sabbath, as the full gruesome reality of what had happened became known, I was numb with pain and in absolute shock at this terrible mass murder that had just happened to my brethren.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the eleven murdered victim… Read More »

Is Hospitality a Mitzvah?

Untitled design.pngThey say that Italian guests leave without saying goodbye, but Jewish guests say goodbye but then they don’t know how to leave.

Is hosting guests simply a nice social thing to do or perhaps is there something intrinsically special about hosting guests?

I was raised in a home that having guests was the normal thing to do. Many Shabbats at our Shabbat table, we had guests from the community and other local people who would join us to celebrate Shabbat. Likewise many a weekend, we would end up with business travelers or other travelers who were traveling through London and would call Chabad and ask them for a place to stay for Shabbat. Luckily for us, we were one of the families that hosted these traveling guests and got to meet so man… Read More »

My Phone Wasn't Charging

Charger 1.jpgThis morning, I plugged in my phone into the charger and checked back thirty minutes later and realized that the battery level had gone up just 3%. I quickly checked what is going on and shut down all running apps, but it didn’t seem to be the problem. I then discovered that somehow I wasn’t using the factory issued charger that came with my Galaxy phone, but rather was using a cheaper version that I had once bought as an extra, that looked almost like the original. I also realized that the cable I was using was not the original cable, so I quickly switched and puff, five minutes later the phone was filling up with juice ten times faster than it had been.

While so much of our lives are run from our phones, life is infinitely mo… Read More »

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Noah.jpgWhen most people hear the expression about “seeing light at the end of the tunnel” they think of the light and instant exit from a challenging situation. However they say that worrying Jewish mothers usually think of the light at the end of the tunnel as being the headlights of a train barreling towards them and about to run them down.

Sometimes things might truly be the light at the end of the tunnel in a good sense, but sometimes, the worrying Jewish mothers might be awfully right. But just because they are right it doesn’t mean it’s all over….

Noah the great and brave hero in this week’s Torah portion, is willing to go it alone and to remain the last man standing when it comes to morality and ethica… Read More »

"Turn on the Lights"

dreamstime_s_85366843.jpgI was recently visiting a relative in NY who showed me this little gadget which can change the colors of light that are coming out of a light bulb in his kitchen. For some added fun, the light bulb can also stream music straight from their Spotify music list. These days with gadgets like these or using Alexa or other similar devices, one simply issues an instruction like, “turn on the lights” or “turn on the music”, and a second later the lights are on and lit up or the music is blasting.


While Google and others may be the driving force behind this tech revolution that is changing our homes and office spaces into Smart homes, where simple verbal instructions yield amazing results, they aren’t actually … Read More »

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