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Reflections on Anti Semitism in today's World

 I still remember the day when I was eleven years old, when on the way home from school with my friend, we were suddenly jumped upon by four teenagers who yelled racial and Anti-Semitic slurs at us and proceeded to beat us up because we were Jewish. While I ended up with just a few bruises, my friend ended up on the floor and received a few bonus kicks before the hoodlums ran away after a neighbor started yelling that he was calling the police.  

Unfortunately I cannot say that this was the only incident in my childhood when I experienced Anti-Semitism as growing up in England offered plenty of similar experiences, including being pelted with large rocks, having bottles thrown at me, other physical… Read More »

Driving on Empty in the Judean Desert


When I drive, I often like to use up every last ounce of gas before I go to fill up. Over the years, I discovered the hard way that it wasn’t always the best approach to driving a car. Once I broke down as I ran out of gas right across the road from a gas station, but other times I wasn’t as lucky. As a result of these incidents, I have  improved over the years and learned to go the gas station before the last minute, and occasionally I even fill up the car when I still have a quarter of a tank left.

Recently while I was in Israel, we decided to go for a hike to the Ein Gedi nature reserve in the Judean desert next to the Dead Sea on a day it was supposed to end up being 106F. We were determined to get there as… Read More »

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