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Hebrew School Graduation & Year End Celebration

hs1.jpgAnother great year of Hebrew School just concluded for the five classes and dozens of students at Chabad Hebrew School of Sudbury.

To mark the end of the academic Hebrew School year, the students put on great performances, skits and speeches and celebrated the completion of another wonderful and happy year of learning.

What a truly amazing year of progress in reading and Hebrew, in learning new elements of Judaism and in gaining and broadening the students knowledge hs2.jpgof Jewish values, traditions and Mitzvot.

Thank you to all of our wonderful teachers and dedicated volunteers who help make Chabad Hebrew School such a great experience for the students and their families and thank you to all of the parents who place their children in Chab… Read More »

Taking in the Beauty Around Us

20170523_094641.jpgLife swirls on around us and the tremendous beauty of the world around us is not always noticed.

Spring in Massachusetts is a beautiful scene with nature bursting to life in bushes and shrubs that seemed dead and barren just a few short months ago. Cardinals and many other colorful birds make their homes in the trees and bushes around our house, as well as chipmunks, squirrels and so much more, making everything come to life with a pulsating vibrancy.

I don't always get to pray in a Synagogue in the morning, and when I don't I often do my morning prayers outside as I listen to the chirping from the birds 20170523_094709 (1).jpgand the sounds and music of G-d's beautiful world.

Today I stopped to look at the beautiful works of art that sit outsid… Read More »

In Memory of Bertha Sher

Bertha Sher.pngOn behalf of the Chabad Center of Sudbury I would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of Bertha Sher (Bunya Bas Bluma & Binyomin Z"L) who passed away at age 95 this past Shabbos. Bertha was someone I would visit on many occasions and I greatly enjoyed the time I spent with her as well as the insights that she would share with me.

Bertha deeply respected her own parents and a lot of her values and attachment to Judaism she attributed to them. Bertha described her father who refused to work on Shabbos and how he would often lose his job on Friday’s due to his refusal to work on Shabbos.

Bertha also told me that during those years they suffered from terrible poverty, but they weren’t the only ones and sh… Read More »

Lag Baomer Report & Photos

lb171.jpgDespite heavy rain for most of the day, at 4:30pm right when the celebration was about to start, the rain stopped and a small trace of blue sky appeared. Dozens of children and adults enjoyed a great Lag Baomer celebration that included great food, an awesome BBQ, Horse & Pony Rides, and lots of Lag Baomer fun!

Special thanks to Jason Schwartz for his helping in setting up for the event, to Levi, Zalman and Mendel Freeman for their help, for Dan Perlov for manning the grill, for Sasha Litovchik for manning the fire, for the Lepsky's for the extra firewood, for Sveta Shvartzman for her help in preparing the food, and to Ridge House Stables for the great Horse & Pony Rides.

To see more pictures click here

Bar Mitzvah Boys BBQ & Escape Room Event

bbqbm.jpgA dozen post and pre Bar Mitzvah Middle School boys enjoyed an awesome Escape Room Activity which they just about succeeded in breaking out if, an awesome BBQ with tons of food, some sports, a meaningful discussion about the lessons learned from the Counting of the Omer, some Tefillin wrapping and lots of fun! For more pictures click here.

Asbestos & a Lesson in Tzaraat

 download (1).jpgA couple months ago we had a problem with a leak in our house which damaged a few walls and also ruined a carpet. This week we finally got around to having the carpet ripped up to install something new, only to discover that we had Asbestos tiles underneath the carpet. Some of the tiles started to crack as they pulled it up, so we called in an Asbestos Removal Company to take care of the situation. By the next day workers in Hazmat Suits were hard at work for several hours removing every last trace of the Asbestos. Finally when they were done, it was inspected and a Hygienist came to inspect everything to make sure that it was totally clean and that the air quality was completely safe.  

Ironically, the Torah portion this week t… Read More »

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