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A Scorpion, Frog & Personal Growth

A scorpion was once looking to cross a river and asked a frog to give it a ride on its back as it swam across the river. The frog was hesitant as after all the scorpion may decide to sting the frog and the frog could die. The scorpion sensing the hesitancy of the frog said don't worry I need to get across the river and I won't sting you. The frog agrees and the scorpion jumps on the frogs back and off they go across the river.

For a while all seemed to be going well, but suddenly the frog felt a sharp jab and sting in its back and realized that the scorpion had just given it a sting. Within seconds the frog feels its strength begin to drain and it stops swimming and they both begin to drown. With its last strength the frog turns to… Read More »

Going against the Currents

Salmon.jpgWhile Bagels & Lox seem to be some form of ancient American Jewish cuisine, the Jewish connection to Salmon extends well beyond the Lox that are inside that fresh Bagel.

Salmon are renowned for their ability to swim upstream for hundreds of miles. Along the way, the salmon will work very hard to continue moving forward and have been known to jump as high as twelve feet as they ascend waterfalls and continue their migration upstream. 

The reason they do this kind of swimming is since they want to spawn in the shallow river beds (where often they themselves were born) rather than in the Oceans. In their quest to make it upstream, they deal with all kinds of obstacles, predators and challenges and in the process they have… Read More »

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