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Building a Moral Compass

CareIn a world where we are overloaded with info, news, ideas, conversations, gossip and so much more, do we just sit back and absorb it all, or do we exercise a degree of choice in what we choose to absorb and expose ourselves to?

Is every conversation a good thing, or is gossip and slander not a good choice? What about food, there are untold amounts of choices for every food possible, there are Kosher options and non-Kosher options, there is over indulgence and there is healthy eating, there are eating choices that factor in the environment and ones that do not. Do we just take it all or do we choose what is right?

Guards at your Gates

In this week's Torah portion of Shoftim, it states in the beginning that "you must appoint… Read More »

Back to School & Learning

 Torah ClassesIt is that time of year, the kids are all going back to school, Hebrew School is about to begin, and Elul, the final month of the Jewish Calendar year is about to start. 

The kids are excited for another year of learning and are busy making sure that they have all their supplies in their backpacks. They are curious as to who their new teachers will be and what kind of academics that they will be exposed to.  

We the adults are left watching in awe at the exciting moments of our children, as they celebrate moving into 2nd grade, Middle School, High School or college. We wishfully think back in our minds to our own youth, and remember our parents taking us into the school for the first time, boarding the school bus, or… Read More »

The Value of a Detail

 Mariner 1.jpgIn 1962 the American  Mariner Program  sent its first spacecraft out on a mission to do a planetary flyby of Venus . It cost $18.5 million, a huge sum at the time, and was launched aboard an Atlas-Agena the rocket responded improperly to commands from the  guidance systems on the ground, setting the stage for an apparent software-related guidance system failure and it was ordered to do a destructive abort 294.5 seconds after launch.

Why did it fail?

One of the main reasons for the failure was that there was an error in a hand-transcription of a mathematical symbol in the guidance system, in particular a missing overbar The error had occurred when a symbol was being… Read More »

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