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Blog Posts from Visit to Israel

Dear Friends,

20160818_113610.jpgLast week from Thursday through Sunday night, I spent four crazy busy and hectic days in Israel while on a visit to my cousin’s beautiful wedding. While it was a short visit in terms of the amount of time I spent there, it was rich in experiences and special moments.

Below I will share a few anecdotes and highlights from the visit which I hope you will enjoy.

The trip itself didn’t go all as planned, with my connecting flight to Philadelphia to get to London getting delayed and me being put on a direct flight to London. Sounds good right? Well my luggage got lost somewhere and is currently still floating around the airports of Europe.

Arrival in England was great and it was good to be back to the place where I… Read More »

Visit to Victims of Terror

IMG-20160821-WA0040.jpgThis past Sunday while on a visit to Israel, I spent the day visiting victims of terror and their family members along with Rabbi Menachem Kutner of the Chabad Terror Victims Project. It was a very moving and emotion filled day as I met people who live with the pain of the cruel sudden loss of a loved one and people bearing and carrying physical and emotional scars long after the events happened.

Thanks to generous people in our own community, we were able to take along some gifts and help with some assistance when needed.  Some people we visited just to send a message of solidarity and care and some it was to provide assistance or help.

We started out with a visit to a lady in Jerusalem who lost a child in a suicide IMG-20160821-WA0032.jpgbombing quite a… Read More »

A Life Lesson from a Broken Alternator

 American_Automobile_Association_logo.svg.pngLast Friday while driving to Sudbury after a visit to Cape Cod, the red battery light went on and the odometer went down to 0 mph despite the fact that I was going at least 60 mph. In seconds, all the other dials and lights in the car were flashing or flying all over the place and it was obvious that we have a problem so we pulled into a service station in North Pembroke.

As we waited for Triple AAA to arrive I explained to my kids that besides the fact that we have a mechanical problem,  the fact that we ended up in this specific place as part of our journey must be for a reason, and as a result we should do something good and meaningful while we are hanging out. We then studied something together and made alternative plans… Read More »

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