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Four Life Lessons I Learned on a Whale Watch

20160728_150823(0)_resized.jpgYesterday, our family took a boat trip thirty miles out into the Atlantic Ocean to the Stellwagen Bank just off the coast of Cape Cod. The purpose of the trip was to hopefully see some whales and some of the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a very different kind of activity than the usual, and far away from the nonstop political campaigning that is dominating our nation’s news and conversations over the last two weeks.

As we went further out to sea, the stifling humidity of Provincetown was replaced by a brisk ocean breeze and occasionally some salty ocean spray. About fifty minutes out to sea, we spotted our first whale and over the next hour or so we sighted dozens of massive humpback and fin whales.

Watching these massive ma… Read More »

A Life Lesson from a big Anti Semite

Map_wide.jpgAnti-Semitism and people propagating their hate for Jews is quite an old phenomenon. In fact this form of hatred has actually existed for thousands of years including in an episode that is recounted in this week’s Torah portion.

The Torah describes the dramatic story of the prophet Bilam from the Midiaanite nation, who attempted unsuccessfully to spiritually curse the Jewish people. Bilam’s cursing services had been commissioned by Balak who was the king of the neighboring kingdom of Moab who feared the Jews and their vast numbers. Balak was afraid after seeing them vanquish several powerful nations who had attacked them, and worried that the Jews would easily overpower his nation, despite knowing that the Jews were not plannin… Read More »

Support Victims of Terror & Send an Embrace from Massachusetts

Support Victims of Terror & Send an Embrace from Massachusetts

Dear Friends, 

TER.jpgIn mid August, I will be going on a short visit to Israel where I have arranged to spend two days of the trip visiting families who have been impacted by some of the recent terror attacks. I hope that these visits will provide a certain level of tangible support & solidarity for these families who have experienced the loss or severe injury of a family member in some of the recent attacks.  

So many times over the last few years, I have been saddened by the tragedies of these attacks and have been left thinking about what tangible things I could do to help them. I am hopeful that this visit will provide a moral boost and tangible physical help … Read More »

The Rebbe's Vision for Judaism 22 Years Later

The RebbeJust over ten years ago, Shayna and myself moved to Sudbury to establish a new Chabad Center for the local Jewish community in order to provide a welcoming and warm space where people could connect with their Judaism and heritage. In doing so, we joined thousands of other centers that have been setup on almost every corner of the globe with the goal of enabling Jews to connect with their heritage and help make the world a better place.

Our inspiration to make the move, was the Lubavitcher Rebbe whose life and teachings were full of deep knowledge, a powerful vision of goodness and hope, and a goal of creating a better world.

Tonight and tomorrow marks the 22nd Hillula (Date of Passing) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schners… Read More »

Thirteen Year Old Hallel Ariel & Reflections on a Painful Week

Dear Friends

It has been a tough few days of terror attacks that have struck at soft targets in Istanbul, Bangladesh and multiple very painful ones in Israel.

Hallel Ariel.jpgAs a parent of a similar age girl, I was shaken to the core by the news yesterday, when Hallel Yaffe Ariel a 13 year old Israeli girl was killed in her bedroom by a Palestinian terrorist. She was murdered in her bed the morning after a dance recital for the sole crime of being Jewish.

Listening to the mother speak at the funeral left me crying and shaken, and reminded me to value each moment we have with our children and loved ones.

Today, a family driving near the same area was attacked and as a result a father of ten was killed in front of his wife and children, along … Read More »

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