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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Lag Baomer Celebration

20160526_185702.jpgAlmost sixty people joined together for a great Lag Baomer Celebration this week. Featuring a great BBQ with some awesome grilling by Dan & Misha Perlov, a Lag Baomer Bonfire with some songs around the fire, a Moon Bounce for the kids where they could jump and have a blast, and lots of great company, it made for an awesome celebration.

Thank you to everyone for your help with cleanup, food prep, grilling and photos (Kerry Weinstein) and for coming. 

Thank you to Ed Brookmyer for your sponsorship towards this event. 

To see more pictures click here. 

Hebrew School Graduation 2016

20160522_095152_resized-013.jpgThis past Sunday May 22nd, the fifty students of the Chabad Hebrew School of Sudbury celebrated the completion of another year of learning and fun. The celebration featured presentations by each of the Hebrew School classes, the awarding of certificates to each student to mark their accomplishments and learning, and speeches by the Hebrew School Director, Shayna Freeman and presentations to the teachers and volunteers.

It was a truly beautiful sight to see as dozens of students celebrated their many hard weeks of learning on Sunday Mornings and realized how much knowledge they have gained over the course of the year. Many parents made a point of sharing how much their children love coming to Hebrew School and love their teachers and what… Read More »

Teaching by Example & a Tribute to a Close Family Friend & Mentor

IMG-20160520-WA0001.jpgGrowing up in London, in addition to my own parents and grandparents, I had no shortage of role models to learn from in the community where I was raised. Among them was a man named Mr. Bentzion Shagalow who not only exemplified values that are dear to me until this day, but he was also very close to my parents and family.

Mr. Shagalow came from Moscow, Russia and had seen and experienced the harsh and cruel persecution of Chassidic Jews under the communist regime. His own father who was known as the “Mohel” (circumciser) of Moscow used to risk his life every day to perform the Mitzvah of Circumcision for families that wanted to take the risk of performing a Mitzva that has been part of our heritage for thousands of years. One… Read More »

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