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Why An Imperfect World?

JewishCivilDateConverter.jpgIf G-d is so great and so capable why did he not make a perfect world?

How about yourself, do you consider yourself to be an almost perfect person? Even if yes, were you always that way inclined, or perhaps you had to work through certain character traits and personality issues before you feel you achieved a more wholesome sense of having a healthy spiritual and moral balance?

In this week’s Torah portion, there a famous commandment which has been a core part of the fabric of the Jewish people for millenniums.  We are instructed that when we are blessed with a baby boy, the baby shall have a circumcision on the eighth day and thus enter the covenant of Abraham.

There is a theoretical question asked about this commandment… Read More »


holocaust-e1453566682966-635x357.jpgYisroel Cristal is not just another man who lives in Israel, instead he recently became world famous when he was declared by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest living man. What makes his story so special is not only his age itself, rather the fact that he survived so much to live for so long with the ability to still share pearls of wisdom.

Yisroel was born in September 15, 1903 in Poland and was orphaned at age seven from his mother and then at age ten his father was taken and forcibly conscripted to the Russian Army. Raised by relatives in Lodz he grew up, got an education and worked his first job in a candy factory. Eventually Yisroel married and began a family and had two children, only to lose them at the hands of the… Read More »

What Are You Passionate About?

PrayerSports, Politics, News, the Stock Market and vacations are just some of the things that people are almost naturally passionate about. Who doesn’t appreciate a good discussion about football or baseball or about which candidate will make the best President for this country?

What about our Judaism?

People often think that Judaism is ultimately about our choices and actions. Did I choose to be a moral businessman or not? Am I a good spouse or not? What kind of parent am I? And, did I fast on Yom Kippur or not? But passion, well what difference does it make if I fast passionately or if I am a better parent passionately? Passion it would seem, has less to do with Judaism and more to do with sports, politics and other stuff. Either way… Read More »

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