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Beyond the Hamantashen

Purim at Chabad (945x365)In the year 357 BCE almost 2400 years ago, the drama of the Purim story played out in the streets of Persia. The future of the entire Jewish nation hung in the balance as Haman with the permission of the Persian king plotted the extermination of the Jewish people. In his arguments to the King to receive permission for his plot, Haman uses age old anti-Semitic diatribes about how different and weird the Jews are. He does such a good job in sharing his rants that he convinces the king to grant permission for the extermination and even gets to keep his bribe he had prepared just for this purpose.  

The dramatic twists and turns of the story eventually lead to the downfall of Haman, the rise of a Jewish queen and the prevention of a… Read More »

America Looks for a new Leader & a Lesson in Leadership

questions.jpgAs the primary season heats up, the battle is on for who will be the leader of this country. Every election race since I have lived in this country has been interesting and each one has brought its own twists and turns. There is passion and energy in the discussions about who the next leader should be and what kind of ideals they are pushing for or represent. Debates, opinion polls and election newscasts are almost never ending as the search is on for a new leader for the USA.

Once upon a time, the Jews had a leader of epic proportions, and his name was Moses. Moses was not a gifted speaker, well connected politician or wealthy mogul, but he was an intensely amazing spiritual leader, who inspired the Jews, led them to freedom and helped… Read More »

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