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Shoelaces & Passion for Learning

Shoelace.jpgAs I was finishing my morning prayers this morning I heard a yell of joy from my youngest son. I turned around and see him beaming with happiness as he excitedly shows me that he was able to tie his shoelaces all by himself for the very first time. While he was convinced that it partially had to do with the fact that his new shoes have very good shoelaces, I am sure it also has to do with the practice we have been working on together.

I shared in his joy and complimented him for this major accomplishment and was happy knowing that he will be able to tie his own shoes when they come undone when he is in school or at home. At the same time I was left contemplating and reflecting on the joy of a young innocent child on being able to master an… Read More »

Does the Torah Address the Laws of Snow Removal?

Ahji_YMY_U1CFsNy4CbG3rdEvedHiCy79edYVLpQUX-6 (1).jpgToday I took a walk to the new Chabad location instead of driving. Halfway into the walk I was starting to have second thoughts as I heard the sound of cracking branches from the weight of the wet snow and the deafening silence of the snow flakes falling.

Besides a few snowflakes on my coat and spotting what looked like a Coyote, I made it there safely.

On the way home after seeing a few branches break and fall I noticed a downed wire which was broken from an electric pole. I didn't know if it was live or not but did put a call in to the Fire Department to alert them so that they can check it out and determine if it is safe or not. 

Living in Sudbury, I don't have a sidewalk that I need to clear of snow, although I do have a drivewa… Read More »

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