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A Road Map of the 10 Commandments

What do the Ten Commandments mean to you?

LuchosSure, we hear about it on the news every so often when there is a dispute about a plaque with the Ten Commandments in some court, and of course we know it is a big part of Jewish History. But have you ever thought about what 10 commandment mean to you personally in the 21st century?

Perhaps by looking a little closer at the Ten Commandments we will be able to see some sort of structure as to what the eternal message of some of the most important ingredients of living a just, meaningful and Jewish oriented life.

Looking at the Ten Commandments, there is the obvious first commandment which would seem to be a prerequisite to all other commandments, “believing in G-d”. Interestingly… Read More »

Splitting Your Own Sea


splitting_the_red_sea2.jpgObstacles, challenges and rough surf are part of the dynamic of our lives in this world. 

We can’t necessarily prevent the blocks from coming or being there, but do we allow them to stop us and slow us down or are they the catalyst for growth and great accomplishments? 

3300 years ago, the Jews were just seven days out of the Egyptian Slavery and they suddenly find themselves surrounded on all sides with nowhere to escape the wrath of the Egyptian Army. With huge cliffs on two sides of them, a raging ocean on one side and the powerful Egyptian army bearing down on them on the last remaining side, hope for salvation was… Read More »

A 10 Year Journey Milestone

115.JPGOn January 15th 2006 I was driving up the I-84 with my wife and two young children in our Ford Taurus followed closely behind by a truck with all of our belongings. Every so often I would look in the rear view mirror and in addition to some drifts of snow and ice on the side of the highway, I could see the truck with our belongings chugging along faithfully behind us.

As we set out to establish a Chabad Center in Sudbury, we had 200 miles of driving to contemplate and discuss the magnitude of our move and what our new responsibilities in life would evolve into. Both Shayna and myself had often discussed and dreamed about this moment, and before we even married we both knew that we wanted to do this in life. We had both grown up in… Read More »

The Great Powerball Win!

Powerball.jpg$800 Million is at stake and you could be the one to win the biggest Powerball Lottery Prize in history! You may have already bought a ticket and you may just have the right numbers. Think about it, a simple one full $1 investment may make you $800 million in one night, a number that is almost infinite to most of us.

Each day of our lives we have moments and opportunities that by investing in them and using them right, we can turn them into spiritual value and worth of infinite potential.

Think about it, the smile and the small act of kindness that we do for someone in the street or in our community can turn into a ripple of kindness that may just change that person's life forever, and in the process the lives of people that they… Read More »

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