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What to Expect and not Expect @ Chabad Sudbury High Holiday Services

Dear Friends,

Do you live in a box? Hey, maybe I live in a box?

In truth you, me and everyone else that we know usually all live in some kind of “box”. I don’t mean in a Cardboard Box, I mean a box that we create for ourselves whose walls are made up of our perceptions, awareness, experiences, reality and choices that we choose to focus on throughout the year.

Rosh Hashanah is all about climbing out of our box and seeing the broader and bigger picture. It is not about you climbing into my box or me climbing into your box, it is about thinking outside of our “virtual box”, about our choices and actions of the previous year, about what we truly want the future year to look like, and about reflecting on how… Read More »

A lesson from a Ripe Pomegranate

PomegranateImagine a farmer’s delight when he finally sees his crops ripen and come to full growth.

Imagine his joy when he collects the plush red Pomegranates from the trees that he worked so hard on or when he feels the lush green grapes of his first harvest.

In this week’s Torah portion we read about a unique Biblical Mitzvah, “Bikkurim”, the “First Ripened Fruits”. This Mitzvah was for farmers and anyone who grew crops in Biblical Israel to take some of the very first ripened fruits from the species that Israel is blessed with, to the temple in Jerusalem and give them to the Cohen. While doing so, they were to recite a special reading in which they acknowledge and pay thanks to G-d’s blessings both in… Read More »

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