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Reflections on the events in Israel over the last 24 Hours

WalkingAlmost twenty years ago on the night of Nov 4th 1995 the Israeli PM Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated. On that night I cried and grieved as my world and my unshakable belief in my people was shattered and shaken to the core. I was shocked and saddened in a tremendous way by his senseless murder, and shattered at the thought that a Jew could pick up a gun and kill the Prime Minister of Israel.

Twenty years later in the span of less than twenty four hours two shocking incidents have occurred in Israel with the attack on the parade in Jerusalem yesterday and the burning down of an Arab house this morning.

The attack in Jerusalem was carried out by a crazy and disturbed individual who should never have been allowed to the roam the streets and g… Read More »

Jewish History's Common Denominator


Israel 2015 Second Batch 039.JPGWhen I recently visited multiple historical sites on a visit to Israel, I allowed my mind to wonder back in time and do some imagination. Whether it was walking on the cobblestones of the Old City of Jerusalem, praying at the Western Wall, or took a hike at the ancient Gamla Fortress in the Golan Heights, I allowed my mind and thoughts to journey back in time and revisit some Jewish history. 

The stones of Jerusalem seem to almost tell their story just by there presence,  as one can almost paint in one's mind the happenings, the busy market places, the crowding on the Holidays and especially the High Holidays, and then the terrible sadness and destruction that must have filled those streets when the Temples were destroyed… Read More »

United or Divided?

United or Divided?

Thousands of years ago, as the Jews were preparing to recapture the Land of Israel, almost a quarter of the Jewish people decided to abort the mission and asked for permission to settle outside the Land of Israel in areas the Jews had already captured. It was a dramatic moment that could have undermined the entire fabric and mission of the Jewish people, and Moses the Jewish leader quickly responded with a call for unity of the Jewish people. He chided them on their willingness to not stand shoulder to shoulder with their brethren at a time that was so pivotal and crucial to their destiny.

Things turned around quickly and after some back and forth discussion they agreed to join their brethren in their journey and conque… Read More »

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