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Hebrew School Graduation 2015

20150531_101633.jpgRecently, the Chabad Center of Sudbury held its annual Hebrew School Graduation for its thirty five students of the current academic year. Students and their families participated in a morning of presentations, awards and celebration for all of their hard work over the course of the year.

Students made presentation on various topics, including songs, art projects, reflections on what they had learned and poster projects on various topics.

It was a beautiful morning and heartwarming to see all the students receive their Aleph Champ awards which recognized their individual progress they had made with Hebrew Reading this year.

Special thank you's were made to the teachers, Tirtza Philips, Mussia Posner and others, and to all of our dedicate… Read More »

Meeting the Bravest / A Painful and Inspiring Visit

IMG-20150604-WA0054_resized.jpgYesterday on a visit to Tel Hashomer Medical Center in Israel,  I met some of Israel’s bravest young men in a remarkable and powerful visit that I will always remember. These young men are all at the prime of their lives in their early twenties or a little bit older and were all severely injured in last Summer’s bitter war in Gaza. Some were injured while fighting the terrorists who were shooting missiles at Israeli cities and some were injured while destroying tunnels that had been burrowed to attack Israeli communities.

This visit was incredible in so many ways, and below I would like to share a few thoughts about what made this so powerful and inspiring.

It’s not every day that you go through a building which is … Read More »

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