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DeflateGate the other Side of the Coin

Patriots.jpgEven though I recently became an American, I have not yet caught up and not sure that I ever will catch up with the thrill of American Football. With that said, Boston is blessed with many great sports teams and it is always a treat to see so many people revved up and excited when one of our teams are doing well in their respective leagues. Occasionally we even get asked to make a Misheberach and a special prayer for one of our team’s successes, but even better than that are the smiles and excitement that is so abundant during those times.

In recent days there has been an attempt to take a lot of air out of some of the excitement that came along with the Patriots entry into the Superbowl. Accusations are flying around of air… Read More »

Fire & Ice & a Lesson in Relationships

032.jpgSaturday night’s after we make Havdalah and conclude the Shabbos, my children often enjoy the opportunity to make a fire in our fireplace. For firewood they simply step outside and get a small log from the backyard and look around with flashlights and collect some small twigs and branches. Sometimes in the winter the twigs that they collect have ice and snow on them, so it makes getting a fire started a little extra challenging. Typically we usually succeed and the snow and ice melt away and the twigs are eventually consumed by the dancing flames.  

Sometimes it takes a while but one thing we are always certain of, either the snow and ice will win or the flames and heat will win.

Once the fire is lit we sit around and enjoy a… Read More »

Freedom of Expression or Freedom to Live!

Paris Attack.jpgOnly hours ago another deadly day of terror came to a terrible end and four innocent Jews paid with their lives while shopping for Shabbat along with multiple others who were left injured including the several brave policemen. This attack comes in the wake and may be connected to the despicable terror attack on the offices of the famous French Satirical Magazine which left nine innocent journalists and three policemen people dead.

Unfortunately for weeks French Jews have been experiencing different kind of attacks including three shooting attacks on Jewish Centers, fire bombings, assaults and other forms of attacks. Today’s event along with the events of the last few days, obviously went much further and ended with a terrible loss… Read More »

Defying Evil

Mommy and MeImagine a tyrannical dictator instructs you do a terrible act or you will pay with your life. How would you react? Would you cave or would you stand strong? Would you oppose? How is one meant to even deal with such evil?

For two characters in this week's Torah Portion, this was the exact reality of what they faced. Shifra and Puah otherwise known as Yocheved and Miriam, were the lead Jewish midwives during Biblical times in Egypt and they were faced with this exact dilemma. Pharaoh the king in Egypt, woke up one morning and decided on a campaign of hate and violence against the Jews. He was actually a very smart person and the Midrash tell us that he knew that if he embarked on a wholesale massacre of the Jews, even his own people… Read More »

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