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The Obsession with Israel

Boston Stands with Israel 1.JPGThe last few weeks have shown us a world media that is obsessed with Israel. Any channel, paper, or radio show, are bound to have some heavy ongoing coverage of the situation in Israel. Despite the many other tragic events and battles raging around the world, for some reason, Israel seems to be the one to home in on and focus on. This obsession doesn’t always seem to stem from a deep love of Israel or the Jewish people, but whatever the case, the focus is on Israel.

Personally, I love Israel and I consider it my second home, if not my first home. Growing up in England, I was always captivated and drawn to the land of Israel.  It was my homeland, it was the place where our spiritual forefathers trod and began their Jewish journey… Read More »

An Israeli Thief with Morals

Aryeh & Peninah Meisels are a bereaved couple from Kiryat Ata in Israel, who lost their son in the IDF several years ago. The last few weeks have brought to the surface a lot of painful memories of their own son, so they decided to go abroad for a few days to get away from the terror and rockets. Imagine their shock upon returning to their home in Israel this week, when they discovered that their home had been hit, not by a rocket, but by a burglary.

They walked around their home and realized that their bedroom had been turned upside down, their drawers had been opened, and a burglar had obviously broken in and been rummaging around their home. The couple were very upset, and walked around their home to see if things were missing, and … Read More »

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