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Camp Gan Israel 2014 Recap / Video / Photos

photo 4.JPGLast Friday, Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury finished its exciting and successful  three week camp. The camp which was held at the Lincoln Sudbury High School, attracted over 40 local children over the course of the three week camp. Among the campers were multiple new families who joined the camp for the very first time from the Sudbury area and beyond.

Over the course of the three weeks, campers enjoyed amazing field trips to great outdoor settings, parks and theme parks, they enjoyed lots of swimming and sports,  made lots of fun arts & crafts projects and were able to take some professional painting classes, they enjoyed lots of fun and spirited Jewish camp time, and did tons of other great activities and ever ending fun.

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Standing with our Brothers

Soldier Shema.jpgYesterday while on a trip with Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury and while surrounded by the dizzying rides and noise of Canobie Lake Adventure Park, I received the news that Israel was launching a ground invasion into Gaza. I froze on the spot and my mind and emotions slipped away from the roller coasters and blasting music and were transported thousands of miles away to my brethren in the Holy Land and to the thousands of young soldiers who were entering a sea of terror to wage a defensive battle to protect the Jewish people.  I began to receive calls from friends here and in Israel whose children had been drafted and I stopped myself in the midst of the rides and roller coasters to say a prayer on behalf of my brothers.

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Israel under Attack

Psalms.jpgLike so many of you, I have been extremely disturbed by the news out of Israel over the last two days.  Once again Israel finds itself under attack, this time with hundreds of missiles raining down on central & southern Israel. Millions of Israelis in cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, BeerSheva & all the residents of the South have been fleeing to the Air Raid Shelters when the sirens go off time and time again/

Today I have been in contact with my cousins, aunt & uncles, friends, and no less than 3 families from Sudbury who are currently visiting Israel, some of them for the very first time. This is not fun for Israel and it is being dragged into a defensive war that it wishes it did not have to do.

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Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury has a great first week!

20140703_120737.jpgThis week, Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury launched with a bang, with a full week of exciting activities for all of the young campers. Swimming, LazarZone, Sports, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Jewish Fun, Blue Hill, SkyZone and lots more were all part of the first great week with our amazing counselors from Massachusetts, New York & Los Angeles.

Next week we continue with the second session with even more campers and are looking forward to another great week in camp!

You can see all the photos in the links below.

For more info on the camp or to sign up your child visit  

CGI Day 1

CGI Day 2

CGI Day 3

CGI Day 4 

An Anti-Semite's Epiphany

israel.jpgOver the last few weeks, each day I woke up with the hope of hearing about a miraculous rescue of the three young kidnapped boys whom we all got to know. Monday afternoon as I was driving down to New York. I heard the awful news and I cried. The funerals which were attended by 100,000 of our brethren and watched and followed by millions more, were a reflection of a grieving and wounded nation who stood together with the three precious families on that fateful day.

The days that followed haven’t been more comforting, with hundreds of missiles raining down on Southern Israel, and rioting and attacks by mobs in many areas of Jerusalem and Judea. World leaders and media outlets who had forgotten about Israel and the kidnapping either com… Read More »

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