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A Selfie at Mount Sinai

Facebook ShaddowNext Tuesday night at 2:23am I hope to be sitting up and wide awake on a chair in my living room.

Next Wednesday, I plan on eating some dairy Blintzes & Cheesecake.

No, these are not my Facebook Status Posts or latest tweets, in fact I will be officially taking a break from social media and technology for 48 hours next week in the middle of the week. Instead, the above activities are actually connected to an important refresher course I plan on attending next week.

You see, next Tuesday evening, we begin celebrating one of the important but less famous Jewish Holidays. It is known as Shavuos, and it falls seven weeks after the beginning of Passover, but for some reason, it is a little less known, although it is no less important in… Read More »

6 Billion Humans, Do I Matter?

dreamstime_xs_35567211.jpgThis week I watched an interesting clip of the President of the United States taking a stroll through the park in Washington. What was great about the video, were the shocked looks of disbelief of the stunned tourists, joggers, vendors and people hanging out in the park as they literally bumped into the President. People were excited to have a Selfie with the President or to have a quick hello, and the sense of awe and individual excitement from a momentary encounter with the President of our country was quite poignant. One person asked the President if he was for real and another was convinced that others would think the photo was with a Wax replica.

In this week's Torah portion, we begin the book of Numbers in which… Read More »

All in a walk to Shul!

parenting.jpgLast Saturday like every other Shabbat, my kids woke up and began playing and enjoying breakfast while I studied and prepared for Shabbat Services. Usually they all like to take turns at joining me or my wife for the walk to Shul, with some joining me each week to get there early to finish the setup and some coming with my wife a little later on.

What I love about these thirty minute walks are the special conversations I get to have with my children. In those short and private walks we spend quality time and talk about the week that passed, the things that are on their minds, and anything and everything else. Last Shabbos was no different, and this time my daughter Chana joined me for the walk. It was a beautiful bright day for such a… Read More »

Paradigm Shift Video Intro

Next Tuesday May 13th, our new course Paradigm Shift is set to launch. Check out the Video Promo and please consider joining the many others who will be attending this course. For more info on the course and the specific topics click here.

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