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Holy Boston?

Boston from Blue Hill.jpgAs a Jew in the 21st century, is holiness a concept that has any meaning to us or is it simply a relic of our history and a subject that we read about in books?

Even if it does have meaning to us, is it even possible to achieve holiness in Boston, or is it perhaps restricted to some abstract remote place in the Far East?

Reading this you probably are thinking, okay time to get back to the New York Times, in other words the ideal of holiness is probably not even something that we seek to have on our radar. Yet in truth, perhaps this is because of the wrong definition of holiness that many tend to assume.  When we think of holiness, it brings to mind all kinds of places in the globe which remind us of holiness from the past or some… Read More »

Photos of Wine Tasting event (Pre Passover) at Sudbury Wine & Spirits

20140407_193135.jpgLast night dozens of locals stopped by and enjoyed the Pre Passover Wine Tasting event which was hosted by Sudbury Wine & Spirits & the Chabad Center of Sudbury.

The event which drew a diverse group of individuals representing many segments of the community featured wine tasting from over eighteen different award winning wines from around the world, including Israel, Italy, Australia, America and more.

20140407_190019.jpgLight refreshments, socializing and mingling, and some great wine all contributed for a wonderful Pre Passover event which will result in many new friendships and some happier wine consumers at this year’s Seder Table.

We would like to give a big thank you to Nancy Schwartz and Bob Katz for helping coordinate this event, and… Read More »

Photos & Report of the Sudbury Model Matzah Bakery

IMG_2034.JPGSeveral dozen families and individuals as well as groups from local temples and associations, enjoyed another successful Model Matzah Bakery that was hosted and arranged by Chabad of Sudbury.

The event which served as an exciting warm up to Passover featured a ton of hands on Pre Passover fun and interactive activities. Dozens of children along with their parents and adults enjoyed learning about the story of Matzah Making and reliving the Passover story.

Children enjoyed meeting Moses and Pharaoh, grinding their own grain, making IMG_2110.JPGtheir own Matzah's, Passover Arts & Crafts, a Model Seder with a taste of their own crunch fresh Matzos, and a truly fun hands-on Pre Passover experience that will make the Seder that much more fun… Read More »

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