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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Chabad of Sudbury Expands!

Aleph-Beis Blocks (2)We are pleased to announce that Chabad of Sudbury just signed a lease on several more offices in the building that we are currently in. The new expansion will allow for the continued development and expansion of our Hebrew School, new Sunday morning programs and events, a Shabbat Children's Center, and a new Children's Library.

We are very excited about the new opportunity and are looking forward to holding our first events and programs in the new additional rooms. More news will be posted shortly!

A new Jewish Children's Library is in the process of being setup and dozens of new titles are being ordered to help get this off the ground. If you would like to help sponsor new children's books, please let us know. We have many books that… Read More »

Syria, to Ignore or to Act?

Soldier.jpgAs the USA prepares for the Labor Day weekend, the global tension regarding the use of Chemical weapons by the Syrian regime continues to grow and escalate. The question many are asking is whether the world is going to let a Dictator who murdered 1500 men, women and children with weapons of mass destructions, just carry on acting with impunity, or will the world stand up once and for all and say no, enough is enough!

Despite it being a very complex situation that includes many dead ends, questionable options and choices, and a very difficult decision, it looks more and more likely that this administration will act to a degree, and try to enforce and uphold some very basic values of humanity.

While we all may have our likes and dislikes… Read More »

Cory Booker on MLK's "I have a Dream"

Watch on TorahCafé.com!

I wish I could change!

Change.jpgDo our lives shape us or do we shape our lives?

Can I change or can I not change? 

Am I stuck with a problem, or can I deal with it and change it?

As we go about our lives, we are constantly moving and experiencing a multitude of experiences and interactions which seem to play a huge part in our own behavioral development, and often our character and identity seems to be shaped and defined by those experiences. We grew up a certain way, we were influenced a certain way by our parents and friends, our work environment and workplace stress level may play a role, or raising our kids might actually impact us while we are at it, financial reasons and circumstances may have their own influence on who we are, community experiences and… Read More »

Dozens attend Shabbaton with Berkeley Rabbi & Rebbitzen

Shabbat TableThis past Friday evening, a large crowd attended a beautiful Shabbaton that was held at the Freeman residence which included a delicious Shabbat dinner, melodies and song and inspiring words by Rabbi Yehudah & Miriam Ferris. The Ferris's spoke on the theme of Jewish Happiness and Meaning, and on homed in on the bottom line of Judaism "taking action".

Through a wealth of stories, Jewish anecdotes, personal experiences, the Ferris's kept the audience enraptured with the theme of the evening. Stories included the story of the person from Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley who won the best costume on Purim who wasn't even dressed up, or the story of the homeless person they helped who went on… Read More »

Video & Recap of Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury 2013!

CGI 2013 Day 15 021.jpgFor the third year in a row, Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury provided an exciting Day Camp to dozens of local children. This year was the first time the camp ran for three weeks, and besides being the longest CGI Sudbury day camp, it was also the largest to date.

For three weeks straight dozens of children had the times of their lives doing all kinds of fun and exciting things that included, sports, swimming, awesome trips, interactive Jewish activities and projects, arts and crafts, drama, and a whole lot more.

On the last day of camp, parents and children had the greatest things to say about camp, including one parent telling us how "its the first time she has been so sad to see a camp end", or the camper who… Read More »

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