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Week 2 @ CGI Sudbury Photos & Recap

CGI 2013 Day 10 016.jpgCGI Sudbury just wrapped up week two of another great week at camp!

Campers enjoyed a whole range of activities, including arts & crafts, mad science, sports with Coach Mike, swimming, a trip on a duck boat, a camp BBQ, Challah Making, Jewish Learning & Activities, bracelet making, Shabbat in a Box Arts & Crafts project, talent shows, and a whole lot more fun activities.

Rides to the various trips that the camp take, include lively singing in the Camp's large vans, which fill the roads with CGI Spirit!

Looking forward to another great week and a healthy restful weekend as we celebrate Shabbat!

Pictures of Monday 
Pictures of Tuesday
Pictures of Wednesday
Pictures of Thursday
Pictures of Friday 

Day 5 @ CGI Sudbury Photos & Report

CGI 2013 Day 5 006.jpgThe 5th day of CGI Sudbury marked the end of the first amazing week of the Camp 2013. Campers started out with making Challah Dough & Shaping the Challah rolls for themselves and for a local senior home.

Following the daily Jewish activities the campers split up to participate in either a Basketball game or an activity of Shrinky Dink. Every camper had a blast with their activity.

The campers then all had the opportunity to make their own Pizza and some even made a second Pizza. While waiting for the Pizza to bake the campers made sure to use the hot weather and have som fun with water splashing.

The afternoon included a Bean Hunt and tons of fun with Coach Mike.

Next week a whole new action packed week awaits t… Read More »

Day 4 @CGI Sudbury Photos & Report

Wayland-20130711-01037.jpgYesterday, Day 4 at CGI Sudbury was another awesome day of fun and exciting activities. The day started out with line up, Jewish activities and learning, and then the camp enjoyed a Taekwondo demonstration from Lori Goldman and her sons Brett & Dylan. The campers were all able to practice some skills in using their strength correctly and appropriately and then they were able to watch Dylan crack a piece of wood with his foot and the Rabbi smash a piece of wood with his hand. While the Rabbi was a little apprehensive at first, the kids cheered him on and he succeeded on second try!


After that activity the campers enjoyed some other fun games and then headed CGI 2013 Day 3 064.jpgoff to Boston for a trip to the New England Aquarium and IMAX.… Read More »

Day 3 @ CGI Sudbury Photos & Report

CGI 2013 Day 3 210.jpgDay 3 at CGI Sudbury was another amazing day for the campers and counselors alike. The kids enjoyed yet another exciting day of sports, action, arts & crafts, fun with food and a whole lot more.

The CGI 2013 theme "Flying High with CGI" was Torah in Thailand. The children began their day with an exciting Line Up as usual, followed by the morning routine of some prayer and study, discussion and activity of the theme of the day.

Afterwards while the CIT's went off on their own Laser Tag game in Marlborough, the rest of camp enjoyed outdoor sports, a mini outdoor water park that included a CGI 2013 Day 3 204.jpgslide and more, a car wash activity that included decorating a car and then having a blast cleaning it up… Read More »

Day 2 Photos & Report @ CGI Sudbury

CGI 2013 Day 2 063.jpgYesterday the campers of Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury enjoyed another wonderful day of excitement and enrichment at the camp. The daily Camp Theme of Flying High with CGI was Kosher in Korea, in which the kids learned some fun and interesting info about Kosher Traditions and had their passports stamped in Korea.


A full day of non-stop fun included, sports activities, arts & crafts projects such as bead projects and painting of the massive camp canvas, a cool trip to Animal CGI 2013 Day 2 150.jpgAdventures in Bolton where the kids were able to see and hold all kinds of cool animals and reptiles including a massive snake, fun Jewish learning activities and lots more fun activities, outdoor sports and games.


To see sever… Read More »

Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury Takes Off for the 3rd Year!

Camp Gan Israel Sudbury 2013 Day 1 119.JPGCamp Gan Israel of Sudbury had an exciting first day of camp as it marks its third annual Camp for the Sudbury area. Dozens of local children enjoyed a spectacular first day of CGI Sudbury which included outdoor sports, Jewish themed activities, a mini water park, a bowling alley trip and lots more.

After many months of behind the scenes work, there is nothing quite like seeing the camp take off to an exhilarating first day and seeing dozens of children laughing and smiling for an entire day. This year, in addition to the awesome facilities of the Lincoln Sudbury High School, the camp is now able to provide lunch and refreshments after the Camp was approved by the Sudbury Health Department to provide food.

The day started o… Read More »

How often do you Travel?

Blackberry Pictures July 2011 549.jpgAre you planning on travelling over the next few weeks and summer months?

This weekend, about half the people that I know are on road trips or weekend getaways, and it seems like the other half are going away next weekend or the week after. Either way during the summer we all spend extra time travelling and relaxing as we explore new places, spend some time relaxing outdoors and enjoy some extra quality time with our families.

Personally, with camp starting on Monday, this weekend and the next few weekends we will be staying right here in Sudbury and not travelling anywhere. After that, well Cape Cod and some other places of natural beauty beckon my family and are waiting for us to come.

Interestingly enough, on this July 4th weekend, on… Read More »

Reflections at a Brit

Mazal TovThis past week I had the unique pleasure of announcing the Hebrew name for a newborn baby boy at a Brit Mila (Circumcision) celebration in Westchester, NY. The young baby was named Yehuda Hirsh after his maternal great-grandfather who passed away in 2004.

As someone who was there with the family in the last few weeks and hours of the Great Grandfather’s life, it was a truly special feeling to be part of a baby naming of the first great grandchild 9 years later. This beautiful baby like all others who come into the world, brought lots of happiness to his wonderful parents who are cherishing these very first moments of their first child, to both sets of first time grandparents, and to two separate first time great grandparents. Isn&rsq… Read More »

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