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An Honest Kvetch

News in iPhone.jpgWhen was the last time you complained about something in life? 

What does Judaism have to say about complaining? You will often think and even hear that we are prewired and it is the normal Jewish behavior to complain. Yet a quick glance through multiple stories in the Torah and one will quickly realize that very often the Jews are rebuked because they were overly complaining and cranky. Often even when the Jews had almost everything going for them in life and they would still find what to complain about.

Yet in this week's portion there is surprising story, where five ladies stand up and complain about having been denied a portion in the Land of Israel as the land was being divi… Read More »

Bar Mitzvah Boys Whirlwind Trip to NYC

NY Boys Trip 004.JPGThis past Sunday June 16th, five Bar Mitzvah students who study at Chabad of Sudbury took an exciting whirlwind trip to New York for a year-end trip. The trip featured a stop at Ground Zero and seeing the new World Trade Center, and an action packed schedule in Crown Heights, Jewish Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, the boys were able to enjoy an amazing visit at the world famous Jewish Children's Museum and had a great time even though they didn't have time for one of the floors. The boys had a blast with the hands on learning and the interactive walk through Jewish history, the Torah Scroll workshop at which the process of making a Torah Scroll from start to finish, getting to see a 700 year old Torah Scroll written on Deer Parchment, playing a Jew… Read More »

The WAZE Navigation System & Jewish Values

400px-Waze_3.5_Screen.jpgThis week the NSA has been in the news quite a bit as the startling revelations about the ability for the agency to gather and collect data of random individuals and businesses continue to stun the public. Google itself has had a busy week explaining itself as to how it collects data, gathers info, and is not just another government agency collecting info on your personal life.

However, despite all the news about spying tactics and gathering of intelligence, Google actually became a much stronger company that now knows where it is going. The reason for this is since Google just signed a $1.2 billion contract and bought the Israeli mobile navigation company WAZE that was founded in 2008. Waze’s mobile app is a crowd sourced Mobile App… Read More »

Chabad Hebrew School Graduation

Hebrew School Graduation 037.JPGThis past Sunday, the Chabad Hebrew School of Sudbury held its annual graduation and year end event. All the students and parents of the Hebrew School were in attendance and every child got to share some of what they had learned over the year and receive recognition for all of their efforts and academic achievements.

All the students made tremendous progress with their Hebrew Reading, Prayers, Knowledge of Jewish Concepts and History and lots more, and it is truly beautiful to see the joy and passion that the children have for their learning and heritage.

We thank all of the parents for entrusting their children in the care of the Chabad Hebrew School and thank all the students for their enthusiastic attitudes and desire to always learn a… Read More »

The 35 Year Old Letter in My Drawer

Yisroel Freeman Rebbe.jpgIn a drawer in my house, I have a an old letter that was written to my parents some thirty-five years ago that I preserve and cherish. The letter is written on an old blue airmail letter and over time has begun to crumble ever so slightly on its edges. For me, this letter is a reminder about life and its purpose, and about the work that we need to accomplish in this world.

You see, this letter preceded my birth and was a response to a letter my parents had written to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, in Brooklyn, NY to inform the Rebbe that they were soon going to have their third child. The Rebbe wrote back a typed letter with a blessing for a healthy delivery and then the Rebbe added a PS note to my father in which he req… Read More »

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