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The Challenges of the S300 Missile System & a Lesson for us

RusS.jpgIf you have been following news out of the Middle East this past week, you have probably been hearing about the S-300 Anti Aircraft Missile System that the Russians are planning to sell to the Syrian regime. Israel has been following this with some concern and has made several veiled threats that they won’t allow this system to become operational due to the dangerous potency that it presents to the IAF. You can be sure that in Israel and elsewhere people are working overtime to figure out how to avert this situation and stop it becoming a crisis.

The system is a unique Russian made anti aircraft battery that is one of the most sophisticated of its kind. It’s radar system has the ability to track more than one hundred targets… Read More »

Which Gas Pump to Use?

dreamstime_xs_20123659.jpgSeveral years ago, when gas was still $1.99 a Gallon, I was once at a Gas Station preparing to fill up my car, when I suddenly realized that I was holding the wrong kind of fuel nozzle in my hand. I quickly pressed cancel and then proceeded to pump the correct gas into my car. I realized that had I put the wrong kind of fuel in my car, I would have ended up damaging my engine and would have wound up with an expensive repair bill.

 The car that I drive is not the only engine I have to deal with and add fuel. Two years ago, I went and put the wrong mix in my snow blower and since then it has pretty much stopped working. My arms and shoulders felt that mistake every time a big snowstorm hit us.

Then there is the ultimate machine that… Read More »

JBN Event Report

Business Network3.jpgThe Jewish Business Network of Sudbury recently held its monthly Bagels & Business breakfast that included a presentation on efficient Business Marketing and Communication by Beth Bryant. Participants enjoyed a great meeting that inlcuded networking, socializing and an excellent presentation and discussion or Business Marketing and Communication strategies by Business Coach Beth Bryant.  

We would like to thank Sol Cohen of Cohen & Sales for sponsoring the JBN Event. 

JBN events will resume in September after the summer vacation months. 

More About our Speaker

Online at www.bbwrites.com

Beth Bryant, APR is a seasoned and accredited public relations and marketing communications consultant with… Read More »

Shavuot Report in Sudbury

Ice cream cone - handLast week, the Holiday of Shavuot was celebrated at Chabad of Sudbury with a rich array of exciting events and programs that drew many dozens of participants.

Shavuot study on the first night extended into the wee hours of the morning and included some of the traditional Tikkun and some in depth study and discussions. The next day featured Shavuot services in the morning and over 70 participants at our afternoon reading of the Ten Commandments and Shavuot Celebration. Participants enjoyed the Shavuot reading and a massive Shavuot Kiddush and Dairy Dinner and Desserts. Children, adults and seniors all mixed together and enjoyed the holiday of Shavuot as they sang, learned and enjoyed the traditional holdiay foods. Thursday… Read More »

A three minute encounter in Antigua, Guatemala

ANT.jpgTwelve years ago, I spent part of my summer visiting and working with Jewish communities in Central America. I was travelling with a friend and spent time in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador making communal Jewish programs and making dozens of visits to Jewish homes and businesses. During my travels, I encountered many amazing people and experienced several incredible stories, one of which I would like to share below.

One day, we travelled to Antigua Guatemala an old town that sits on the Central Highlands of Guatemala that used to be its capital until it was destroyed by an earthquake and volcano eruption. The population of the town is just over 30,000 and is mostly local made up of local Guatemalans along with a healthy… Read More »

What Defines the Best Day of Your Week?

childneshek.jpgWhich day of the week do you like best?

Is it Sunday, as most of us don’t have to work that day and are able to relax or tend to our lawns? Is it Monday since we can go back to work and get on top of everything we need to? Is it perhaps Thursday, when we know there is only one more day left of the working week, or is it on Saturday when we know the week has finished?

Personally, several days of the week are great although each for different reasons. Sunday’s excite me, as I like the fact that we are starting another fresh week.  Monday excites me as I can begin to get on top of our many responsibilities. Tuesday’s are fun, as I give my big class on Tuesday evenings. Wednesdays are hectic and busy and packed with… Read More »

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