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The Broken Faucet

Leak.jpgOver the last few years, the faucets in my house seem to have developed a syndrome that results in leaking and dripping taps. Sometimes the syndrome starts out as a drop here and there, but you can be sure that over time that turns into a small and steady trickle. Needless to say, our water bill has been steadily creeping up over time and in fact I am starting to think that I am one of the heaviest water users in Sudbury. We have tried different methods and tricks but alas, nothing really seems to be fixing our plague of leaky faucets.

My wife had been reminding me for a while that it is time to get a plumber, but I was still hesitant and hoping to achieve a quick fix or a miracle plug. But that all changed several weeks ago, when I was… Read More »

A few thoughts on the Lockdown in Boston!

517135611db8bba82.jpgAs I write this note and prepare to usher in the Shabbos, most of Boston and many of its suburbs are under lockdown as 9,000 members of our law enforcement agencies launch one of the biggest manhunts in the nation’s history. Major thoroughfares and large swaths of Boston remain desolate and eerily quiet as residents peak from behind their windows at the happenings on their street. Even in our own small town of Sudbury, many banks and businesses are closed and the roads are visibly quieter.

Like everyone else, I am full of admiration for all of the people who have not rested and have been putting their lives on the line for the last few days. I am praying for their success and for the recovery of the injured officer, and sincerely… Read More »

Reflections on The Boston Marathon Attack

Marathon Picture.jpgYesterday morning started out like a beautiful day with the sun shining on a beaming Boston that was celebrating Patriots Day and busy preparing for the exciting Boston Marathon. As I drove my children to school and went to teach in Boston we passed hundreds of busses on the Massachusetts Turnpike that were going the other direction and ferrying runners to the starting point of the marathon in Hopkinton. Alongside the busses were dozens of police motorbikes and I remember thinking to myself the irony of innocent marathon runners needing police escorts.

After I finished teaching the High School girls at around midday, I said goodbye to my children and figured out a way to make it through all the closed roads and head back to… Read More »

The Airplane Banner over Boston & the Lesson I learned

Airplane.jpgThis past Wednesday morning as I was driving my children to school in Brookline, I noticed an airplane up in the sky carrying some kind of big banner behind it. I knew that this would excite my children who always find anything flying to be of interest, so I pointed it out to them and watched them crane their necks in trying to read what the banner had to say.

I was the first one to decipher the sign and read the sentence on the banner regarding a politician who is running for office. The banner stated his name and claimed that he is part of the evil oil empire. My children were still busy trying to decipher the meaning, and I realized that I had some explaining to do for my children. We had a little conversation and I explained to them… Read More »

The Sensitive side of the Iron Lady

Thatcher.jpgIn 1972, my mother was a teacher for the 5th grade class in the Chabad Junior Girls School. One day my mother received a notice that the Minister of Education, a lady by the name of Margaret Thatcher would be coming for a visit and tour of the school. When my mother heard about the important visitor they would be having, she decided to prepare some Mint Chocolates for the Minister together with her students.

On the day of the visit, the Minister took a tour of the school and took the time to interact with the students and teachers. In addition, Margaret Thatcher visited a beautiful exhibition that was on display in the school at the time of her visit that dealt with many aspects of Judaism and Jewish life.  Part of the display… Read More »

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