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Communal Seders Celebrated in Sudbury

Seder 2013 1.jpgOver the first two days of Passover dozens of people participated in Chabad of Sudbury's communal Seder's. The first Seder was attended by almost 60 people from the Sudbury area and included a traditional and joyful Seder replete with songs, stories, inspirational anecdotes and memories by participants and lots of great food.

On Wednesday afternoon a special Passover celebration was held at the Wingate at Sudbury with almost 50 residents, family members and friends in participation. The celebration included many beautiful Passover traditions and the recounting of moving personal reflections and memories by some of the residents and their family members on various Jewish memories and Passover experiences.

One resident… Read More »

Pictures, Video & Report of the Model Matzah Bakery 2013

IMG_8645.JPGThis past Sunday, over 150 people joined Chabad of Sudbury's annual Model Matzah Bakery  and Passover Experience.  The event which drew dozens of young families from the Sudbury and Greater Boston area was very well received by the participants who had come from far and wide. Spread over several sessions the Matzah Bakery provided an exciting hands-on Pre Passover event in which children and adults could learn how the Shmurah Matzah is made from start to finish while they experienced the Passover Story.

Participants heard the story of Passover, met Moses and Pharaoh (Great Parent Volunteers), prepared their own grain, ground the grain, made flour, and made their own dough which they then made into a Matzah which… Read More »

I Think like a Jew, why do I have to Act like a Jew

Bull.jpgLast night as I sat down to give our weekly Torah Study, I looked around the table at the great group of people who had gathered to study, and I realized I am sitting with a Veterinarian, some people in the pet business, two vegans, one vegetarian, and a couple more people to top it off. This is a great group of people that makes for a very great learning group, but I suddenly realized that the topic of the week, Animal Sacrifices, may not be the most appealing topic for the assembled group!

Well we couldn’t change the topic and I wasn’t about to anyway, so we ended up having a very engaging, stimulating and meaningful conversation and study session with many great take away life lessons.

The scope of this article is too… Read More »

One more Snow Storm

Snow.jpgI am writing this while in recovery mode from shoveling the “4-6” inches (more like 16-17) that fell in the latest storm. Although I was getting hopeful I guess this storm proves that Winter is not yet over.

Just last Sunday I spent some time cleaning out my garage while doing some initial preparations for Passover, and as I did so I was looking outside and thinking of Spring that I felt was literally around the corner. I love each of the seasons for different reasons, but Spring and Summer are definitely my favorites, as I love the blooms, the abundant richness of growth that we find in the beautiful nature around us, and the sunshine and warmth that comes with these seasons. 

Passover is meant to be in the Spring… Read More »

Camp Gan Israel Sudbury Reunion @ Skyzone Video & Pictures

This past Sunday Campers, Friends & Parents of Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury attended a Camp Reunion & Excursion to SKYZONE in Boston. The children and even some of the adults had a blast jumping away and literally bouncing off the walls as well as playing dodgeball while bouncing. Following the jump all the children and some of the parents enjoyed some short games, activities and snacks and enjoyed some mid-winter Camp Gan Israel spirits and excitement!

For more info on Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury or to sign up visit www.cgisudbury.com  

Video Below thanks to Harold Arkoff






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