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Meteors, Asteroids and Judaism

Meteor.jpgThis morning thousands of Russians looked to the sky to watch a ball of fire streak across the skyline and leave a stream of white smoke in its wake. Moments later a massive explosion shook the ground and caused 1100 injuries from flying glass to people who were looking out the window at the spectacle in the sky. Reports now say that a 49 foot wide Meteor weighing ten tons came crashing into the atmosphere at the speed of 33,000 miles an hour giving it the equivalent punch of 300,000 tons of TNT!

Within the next hour another Asteroid about four times the size is going to be brushing by for a visit (17,000 miles away), and has scientists and millions of people following its track and journey.

Apparently people are out there hunting for… Read More »

Who will be missing from my Shabbos Table tonight?

Dear Friends,

candle lighting 3Tonight as I prepare to enjoy the Shabbos meal with my three sons, my wife and daughter will be missing from our table as they are away for Shabbos. Along with myself, thousands of my colleagues who are Chabad Shluchim around the world are also manning the home fortress by themselves, as our wives and sometimes daughters join together with thousands of others like themselves for an International Conference that is taking place in NY.

The conference which is dedicated to Chabad Shluchot (Emissaries) and Rebbitzens from around the world is a four day event that is full of workshops, resources, socializing & networking time, and plenty of inspiring and motivating speakers and moments. Shayna co-directs the Chabad Center of… Read More »

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