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Are we Outgrowing Ourselves?

parenting.jpgBoundaries are important elements of the way we live our lives and help play a big part in our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We make sure not to overeat, not to speed, not to engage in reckless behavior, not to over indulge, not to let our relationships with others slip out of balance, and many other important self-applied, communal or spiritual boundaries. In all of the above cases, boundaries are not restrictive or oppressive; in fact those kinds of boundaries actually enhance our life and allow us to foster and develop a sense of healthy wellbeing.

Yet at times, boundaries can be misplaced and can actually restrict and confine our wellbeing and become roadblocks in the developments of our personalities and spiritual progress. An un… Read More »

Mind Your Own Business!

dreamstime_xs_28179672.jpgJimmy Carter was once meeting the Israeli PM Menachem Begin and as they were discussing their different roles and responsibilities, Carter blurts out to Begin “don’t compare your leadership of tiny Israel with my leadership of over 200 Million citizens”. Begin true to his fashion, quickly responds “you may be the President of 200 Million citizens, but I am Prime Minister of 3 Million Prime Ministers”!

Jews are known for having opinions and for having something to say and suggest about anything and everything, shutting up is usually never a choice or a last resort. The famous joke about the shipwrecked Jew, who builds himself two synagogues, one for now and one for when he has his first argument, is probably no… Read More »

Sign Language and & Jacob's Hand Motions!

MitzvahMinutes.jpgAs the media and South African goverment deal with the incident of the fake interpreter of sign language and confusing hand motions that the whole world watched, it reminded me of an episode in this week's Torah portion.

The Torah relates a very interesting episode of confusing hand motions used by Jacob that leaves Joseph completely baffled and perplexed. It was only after Jacob explained the meaning of his mixed up hand motions did Joseph comprehend the message and meaning of his motions.

The Torah tells us that towards the end of his life, Jacob summons his son Joseph along with his two grandchildren Menashe and Efraim. Jacob tells Joseph that he wishes to bless his grandchildren and designate them both as tribes in their own right. Ja… Read More »

Year End Campaign Launched to help Chabad of Sudbury to the 2013 Finish Line


Join our Year End Campaign!  
23k to help us to the 2013 Finish Line!  

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Sudbury Chanukah Celebration lights up Sudbury with joy and light! Photos & Video!

Chanukah 2013 033.JPGLast night a large crowd of local residents joined together for a joyous Chanukah Celebration and Menorah Lighting on the steps of the Sudbury Town Hall in Sudbury's Historic Center. The celebration included the lighting of a Nine Foot Menorah by Sudbury Selectman Len Simon, Chanukah Songs and Music, Tons of Chanukah Refreshments and an awesome show and activity with Marvelous Marvin.

As the crowd assembled, Sudbury Selectman Len Simon shared some words and greetings with the assembled about the message of Chanukah and the beauty of living in this great Town of Sudbury and being part of the USA where Religous Freedom is upheld and made easy.

Following the lighting, the crowd joined together for Chanukah Songs and Music Chanukah 2013 067.JPGand lots of great C… Read More »

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