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Modernity & Spirituality, Can it Work?

 questions.jpgMany people struggle with the question of what does our Jewish identity mean while living in the 21st Century in a rapidly changing world. It often almost seems impossible to even consider living a spiritual, meaningful and purposeful life in our multi-faceted world with all of its many distractions and challenges.

We think back to the Jews in Shtetl who were clustered in their little cozy corners and had Judaism available and accessible right there in their communities and villages. They lived their simple lives with meaning, ritual and a deep and meaningful relationship with G-d. They weren’t caught up in a fast changing world that offered the kinds of opportunities and distractions that we are faced with today and life… Read More »

A Three Pronged Winning Strategy

history.jpgWar seems like it’s around the corner and hundreds of heavily armed fighters are ready to attack at any moment with tremendous firepower. People are unsure what to do and no one seems to know how to handle the terrifying situation that is looming ahead.

This is not a scene from Syria this week or from the Iranian Nuclear weapons program, rather it’s the opening scene of the Torah Portion which we will be reading this Shabbos in synagogues around the world. In the portion, Jacob who has just left behind one adversary who sought to destroy his family, is about to reenter the land of Israel to settle there with his family. As he prepares to do so, he receives word that his brother who hates him and wants… Read More »

Issac the Digger

 Digger.jpgHave you ever looked at the ground beneath you and wondered what is beneath your feet? Maybe there is some oil or gas beneath you, or maybe there is an old archeologcal find waiting to be found, or perhaps there is some large reserve of water underneath your feet?

Usually we don't bother looking or even thinking about what lies beneath us. Yet in this week's Torah portion we read about our ancestor Issac who we are told spent much time digging and discovering water wells. He was someone who spent time researching and drilling in multiple locations until he discovered the wells of water.

Why of all  details in his life does the Torah choose to focus on the digging of wells? After all he was a righteous person and a leader in… Read More »

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