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Launch of the new "Chaverim Friendly Visitor Program"

Chaverim Friendly Visitor Program.jpgChabad of Sudbury is pleased to announce the launching of the new Chaverim Friendly Visitor Program.

What is it?

Did you know there are many seniors and others in our community who can’t or don’t get out too much and would love to have some company, conversation, and a listening ear?

We’re looking for people who can spend 1-2 hours a month visiting one of our community’s seniors or others who would enjoy the visits. 

Spend a little time listening to their stories or sharing a story, playing cards, sharing a snack…

All that’s required is a listening ear and a smiling face!

Why should I volunteer?

When you become a friendly visitor, you and your older friend have the opportunity to begin a mutu… Read More »

When a $1M piece of art sells for $60

 How much is the asking price?

Graffiti Art.jpgThis week the famous anonymous British graffiti artist Banksy, whose work normally sells in the six figure range, had a very difficult time selling his art pieces. Banksy is a respected Graffiti style artist and his work easily fetches many hundreds of thousands of dollars from art collectors and others. Yet this week, when he had an art stand setup in Manhattan’s Central Park his stuff just wasn’t selling.
What is even more baffling is that despite the steeply discounted price his works were being sold at, this was still not enough to get buyers on board. Pieces of art that would normally sell for six digits and more were being offered at the mere price of $60, yet even that wa… Read More »

Reflections on the passing of Elisabeth Stern

Hachnasas Sefer Torah 030.JPGThis past Saturday evening Elisabeth (Miriam Golda) Stern of Sudbury / Framingham passed away.  Below are a few reflections that I would like to share in her memory.

Over the last four years, during the course of my visits to the Wingate nursing home, I have become close to multiple residents and their families. One such individual was Elisabeth Stern, who passed away this past Saturday evening at the age of 92 while surrounded by her loving family.

Though I had spent several hours with her and her family in the last days of her life, when I heard the news of her passing, I was overcome with sadness at the passing of this very special lady. The words I share below are some of my thoughts and memories which I hope will give a small gl… Read More »

Abraham's Response to the Pew Poll

How much of a difference do I really make?

Globe.jpgOften we find ourselves asking this exact question, as we see the world around us and the range of issues, needs and situations that require a tremendous amount of work and fixing. All too often we tell ourselves to chill out and be realistic and just accept reality. Just last week the new Pew Study came out with its stunning statistics regarding both the amount of Jews in the US and the rate of assimilation and attrition. When reading the clamor of news surrounding this study one can easily begin to be slightly downcast about the state of Judaism in this country.

(Truth to be said I believe that the study didn't do true justice to the amount of people who are active… Read More »

Healthcare Course: 6 Everyday Medical Ethics Questions to be addressed in new Late October Course

Life In Balance Cover.JPGHealthcare Talk! No not again!

Don't worry, this time we want to invite you to a totally different dimension of Health Care, our new "Life in the Balance" course on the Ethics of six unique real life medical questions and situations.

In the new course we will cover topics like;

  • The ethics of Genetic testing
  • Living Wills, Health Care Proxies and End of Life Care
  • Multi Fetal Pregnancy Reduction and Abortions
  • The ethics of Compensation for Organ Donations
  • Autopsies
  • Uterus Transplants

Over the course of each class, we will look at the traditional medical and legal perspectives on these topics as well as the Jewish take on the ethics and correct approach to deal with each of the above cases.

W… Read More »

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