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What did Mendel teach me about growth?

Trees.jpgMy three-year-old son Mendel often complains to me that it is taking too long for him to grow bigger and become a daddy like me. Mendel wants his hands to grow bigger so that he can be stronger, and is frustrated that he doesn’t see rapid growth in his hands when he measures them against mine.  Mendel wants to be taller and that too is taking too long (in his opinion only), and one cold night he refused to go to sleep in socks, as he thought that it might limit the growth of his feet when he is sleeping.

In the beautiful world of his three-year-old mind, he is not content with his current size and has an enormous desire to grow bigger, stronger and smarter all the time. As parents we try to ensure that we do a good job in… Read More »

How Much Are You Worth Per Hour?

CalendarDo you remember the days when people would keep paper calendars and write down their next meetings and appointments? A couple years ago I was doing that myself and I used to use a wall calendar to keep track of my life. However as time went by I was finding it harder and more of a challenge to stay on top of all my commitments and obligations, until one day I had an epiphany and I decided to switch to a digital calendar which I can access from both my phone and computer, and I started using Google Calendar.

All of a sudden I am getting reminders before my appointments, both an hour before and a day before, and each morning I get an automated email with my entire schedule for the day (plus my wife’s schedule too). To top it off… Read More »

A Torah's journey From Nazi Hell to Outer Space Video & Article

Ilan Ramon.jpgEarlier this week my son asked me to read him a book that he had borrowed from the library. The story he asked me to read was the story of the Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon and a Torah Scroll that had its history in Bergen Belsen that he took along with him on his mission to Space.  I was very impressed with the story and the day after I read the story to my child, I decided to share the story with the group of Bar Mitzvah boys that I learn with. I have since looked and read more about the story and would like to share this story with you too.

The story is a beautiful and powerful story of a twelve-year-old child who was befriended by a Dutch Rabbi in the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp. The Dutch Rabbi had smuggled a tiny Torah… Read More »

Living with Integrity Course Video

photos.jpgHave you ever thought about what it means to take care of aging parents and the moral dilemmas that you might face? Or have you ever considered the ethics of putting a nanny camera in your home to monitor your kids nanny? Or have you ever been hurt because you forced yourself to tell the truth?

Check out our new Living with Integrity Course that we are launching at the end of January where you will be able to join other like minded intelligent professionals and individuals as we take a look at six ethical questions that we encounter all too often in our day to day lives. Using some Talmudic thinking we will explore the Jewish approach to get to the bottom of the issues and we will walk away with a… Read More »

How important are your Hebrew Names?

GenericOne day in the late 1970’s, the Dalai Lama asked for a meeting with Elie Wiesel. The Dalai Lama said, "I'm familiar with your work, what you wrote about the Jewish people losing a homeland two thousand years ago and how you're still here. My people have just lost their homeland, and I know it's going to be a very long road into exile. How did you survive?"

Wiesel responded, "When we left Jerusalem, we didn't take all our jewels with us. All we took was a little book. It was the book that kept us alive. Second, because of our exile, we developed a sense of solidarity. When Jews left one place for the next, there were always Jews to welcome and take care of them. And, third, good memory. Survival takes a good… Read More »

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