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Yom Kippur Recap & Beautiful Yom Kippur Melody

News in iPhone.jpgThank you to everyone who came to join us for our Yom Kippur Services. We were very pleased with the great turnout and inspiring participation at Kol Nidrei, Morning Services & Yizkor, and at the Neilah Closing service & Break-Fast at the end of the day. The services were held at the White Lodge at the beautiful Nobscot Reservation and also included a great children's program which took place in a separate building next door and a stump the Rabbi session before the Mincha service.

Thank you once again to all the participants and thank you to our Chazzan, Shmuli Galperin for the great job that he did! We would also like to thank all the volunteers for their help, Sara Aidel Plotke, Mushki Schnieder, Chana Pinkwas, Ed Brookmyer… Read More »

The new "You" & a lesson from one Holocaust Survivor (Yom Kippur Sermon at Chabad of Sudbury)

ReadingA country family packed on a horse drawn carriage and made the three-hour ride into the city for a nephew’s wedding. The wedding was held in a five star hotel and the country man was completely unhinged when he entered the ornate lobby. Somehow, he fumbled his way through registration and followed directions to a cubicle, which he was told was called elevator.

The man had never seen an elevator before in his life and had no idea what it was for, but he was told to make his way to the elevator and he did. Standing before the gleaming silver doors his eyes went wide when they soundlessly parted to reveal a cozy little room carpeted in homely colors. An old janitor with graying hair wearing wrinkled clothing pushed his mop before him… Read More »

Rosh Hashanah in Sudbury Recap

Sudbury-20120916-00221.jpgRosh Hashanah 5773 got off to a great start at Chabad of Sudbury and really helped set the tone for the New Year with multiple High Holiday programs and great attendance and participation.

Almost 50 guests joined our Rosh Hashanah Community Dinner on the first night of Rosh Hashanah and enjoyed a great dinner rich in taste and in tradition along with great company, songs and anecdotes. Over the next two days we had great attendance at our High Holiday Services which were held at the Nobscot Reservation and the Chabad Center of Sudbury.

On Monday afternoon some forty people joined us at the Wayside Inn for our first community Tashlich event. The beautiful location along with the great crowd provided a meaningful and beautiful spot for our… Read More »

You worked hard, why do you have to pay up?

CareYou work hard, you kill yourself to make a living and then you are told that you have to give up some of your first earnings!

Sounds like I am quoting a speaker from one of the recent conventions? Well actually not quite, in fact I am quoting a unique commandment in this week’s portion which describes the Mitzvah of Bikkurim. This Mitzvah which began with their arrival in the land of Israel, entailed taking some of their first and best fruits and produce that they had grown and delivering them to the Temple in Jerusalem where they were then given to the Kohanim, the priests, as an offering, while reciting a thanksgiving prayer.

But really, why couldn’t the Torah make it a little easier for this farmer, why can’t he… Read More »

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