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Should I take a Sabbatical Leave?

Hard Work.jpgThis morning it suddenly dawned on me that we are in the midst of our seventh year of running the Chabad Center of Sudbury and perhaps we are eligible for some kind of Sabbatical break. But after a mere few seconds of thought, I decided against taking a Sabbatical as I think we enjoy working with people too much, besides which, after checking our contract there is no mention of a Sabbatical for us.

However, it got me thinking about the concept of taking Sabbatical leaves and what it does for the person taking the Sabbatical. Imagine going for a job interview and the first thing they tell you is that in Year Seven of work you will get a Sabbatical year off, oh and by the way, you need to work for six years first in order to get that… Read More »

Chabad of Sudbury's Annual Calendar Fundraiser

A unique opportunity for you to make a difference!

Chabad of Sudbury's Annual Calendar Fundraiser


How YOU can make a difference and support the work of the Chabad Center of Sudbury.

The Chabad Center of Sudbury is once again producing a full color Jewish Photo/Art Calendar for the coming Jewish calendar year of 5773 (Sep 2012 - Sep 2013). The beautiful calendar serves as an important fundraiser for the work of the center in the Sudbury area and also provides a great resource to the community. Some 2000 homes and businesses will receive the beautiful  calendar and enjoy its contents for a full year.

With the rapid growth of the Chabad Center and its flourishing programs, your ads, greetings and special occasions are vital… Read More »

Cleaning up Lego & Parenting

Lego.jpgEvery Shabbos my kids spend many hours playing with each other and with my wife and myself. These moments are very special as they bond and play and enjoy Shabbat, each other and the pure pleasure of being children. Usually at the end of Shabbat the floor of their rooms cannot be seen as they are covered in a layer of Lego, puzzle pieces and much more. 

While the playing is always so much fun, for some reason when it comes to clean up time it isn't as much fun. But overtime I noticed something really interesting, when I tell them to clean up; they will usually do so although sometimes it takes a bit of gentle encouragement etc. For some reason which is still beyond me, sometimes one or two of them are not so thrilled with… Read More »

Lag Baomer Pictures & Report

IMG_6529.JPGDozens of adults and children from the Sudbury area gathered for a great Lag Baomer BBQ, Kumzitz & Bonfire this Thursday as we marked the holiday of Lag Baomer. Participants enjoyed great food, plenty of socializing, hearing about the story of Lag Baomer, a small bonfire, some musical entertainment around the fire from some children and adults, roasted marshmellows, jumping away in the moonbounce and lots more.

While the adults ate and schmoozed the kids had a blast on  the moonbounce and just loved roasting the Marshmellows (with adult supervision).

A special thanks to Shayna Freeman for preparing all the food. Thank you to IMG_6485.JPGOlga Lepsky for helping prepare the food and setting up. Thank you to all our musicians for… Read More »

Mazal Tov Joey & Rachel!

Joey Greenstein & Rachel Sheinbein Engagement Party 035.JPGThis past Wednesday evening an engagement party took place at Chabad of Sudbury. Joey Greenstein formerly of Sudbury celebrated his engagement with Rachel Sheinbein of San Francisco along with his parents Marty & Rachel Greenstein plenty other relatives and lots of friends from the community.

The ceremonial Kinyan (which represents the commitment to marriage) took place with Rabbi Lazaros and Rabbi Freeman and Joey, and some other relatives shared a few great words with the crowd. Everyone had a great time celebrating this beautiful Simcha and seeing Joey & Rachel as they begin their journey of building a Jewish home together.

On behalf of the Chabad Sudbury we wish Joey & Rachel a big Mazal Tov and our wishes… Read More »

Pre Bar Mitzvah Boys Take a Trip to SkyZone & Pizza

DSC01177.JPGThis past Wednesday a group of boys who study Jewish Topics and Ideas with Rabbi Freeman on early release Wednesday's went on an exciting trip to Skyzone and Pizza. Joined by one of the parents Gregory Isakov (who we are very thankful to for helping out with the rides), Rabbi Freeman and the boys took a trip to Sky Zone in Dedham where the boys had a blast as they jumped away, played dodge ball and basketball while on the massive trampolines, and were jumping up and down for a full hour of fun.

Following SkyZone the kids took a trip to Cafe Eilat Kosher Pizza in Brookline where they enjoyed some delicious Kosher Pizza and had some interesting discussions as well. Everyone was very impressed with great Kosher Pizza and the kids… Read More »

What do Investing in the Stock Market, Biking, Eating, Sleeping, Reading, Socializing, Social Media, Internet have in common?

Fancy Pen and PadWhat do Investing in the Stock Market, Biking, Eating, Sleeping, Reading, Socializing, Social Media, Internet have in common?

If you figure out a good answer please let me know!

However, there is one interesting point about all of the above, they all seem to have nothing to do with Judaism and perhaps are not mentioned in Jewish thought and teachings. Phew, right!

Very often people think of Judaism as a book of rules and regulations about what you can and can't do. Along this line of thinking, if something isn't mentioned it has nothing to do with Judaism. But actually, in this week's Torah Portion there is an idea called "Kedoshim Tiheyu" which is taught to… Read More »

Marriage Course Takes Off

JLI Art of Marriage Course 1.jpgThis past week our new course "The Art of Marriage" was launched. Almost 20 adults including many couples have joined this great course and are gearing up for six Tuesday evenings of fun, stimulation, education, and studying some great ideas about Marriage from thousands of years of Jewish wisdom and Torah teachings. the first week highlighted the case for marriage and why human nature is so driven to seek marriage. Some very unique Jewish ideas were brought out, which when thought upon can help calibrate our approach to our own relationships.

Week Two continues on Tuesday evening May 8th with a look at Intimacy and whether Judaism addresses Intimacy and its role in Marriage. You may walk out of this class… Read More »

Mazal Tov to Richie Boran

IMG_6397.JPGThe Chabad Center of Sudbury would like to extend a big Mazal Tov and congratulatory wishes to Richie Natanson who celebrated his Bar Mitzvah this past Monday at Chabad of Sudbury. Ritchie was called to the Torah and had his first Aliya which he did so beautifully. In addition he wore his Tallit and Tefillin for the very first time as a Bar Mitzvah boy as Monday marked his actual Hebrew Birthday.

We extend our best wishes and a Mazal Tov to his parents Ivy Natanson and Rich Boran and to all the family members and friends who joined him for the special occasion. May they always have happy celebrations to celebrate in good health, joy and prosperity, and may they enjoy lots of Nachas from… Read More »

An amazing Interview with Ann Frank's Step Sister

Eva Scloss.jpgBelow is a powerful interview with Ann Frank's Stepsister Eva Scloss which is quite telling about her life as a child and the events that occured during the Holocaust.  

Eva Schloss was born in Vienna, Austria in 1929. Her family immigrated to Belgium and eventually to Holland in 1938, shortly after Hitler annexed Austria. After the Germans invaded Holland in 1942, they went into hiding. In May 1944, they were betrayed, captured by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. When they were liberated by the Russian Army in 1945, only her and her mother were left.

After the war, they moved back to Amsterdam where Eva finished her studies, and she eventually moved to… Read More »

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