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GDP & GJP Growth Trends

 GDP & GJP Growth Trends

Running“2.2% Gross Domestic Product” in glaring red letters was the headline that faced me this morning. Economists, politicians and pundits are hard at work discussing why the GDP is slowing down. Is it the President’s fault or is it Congress’s fault, is it due to Europe or is it the gas prices, or is it some other  factors which haven’t helped the GDP grow and yet worse have caused it to shrink and keep this economy at a slow growth pace.

I am not an economist or a politician so I will leave the speculating to the experts, but I thought I would talk about the GJP instead, as that is within my field. While there are no headlines announcing this, I think that the GJP is… Read More »

Counting Time

Map and PinThis week I heard a radio commercial pushing a retirement financial product, in doing so they mentioned, that on average most people get to enjoy 6000 days of retirement. Now I have never thought about it myself, but it made me start doing the math on how they got to that number and how many years that are estimating on. I quickly realized that I hope people get many more days than that. Either way it got me thinking about time and how fast it goes by and how before we know it another 7, 20 or a 100 days have passed by.

Interestingly enough, we find ourselves in the one time a year when Judaism gives us a special Mitzvah and Tradition to count time. The Sefirat Haomer as it is known or the counting of the Omer which spans the 49 days… Read More »

"Ani Ma'amin" - A Song of Ultimate Faith

Train Tracks.jpgThis week Jewish Communities around the world marked the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here we present you with a powerful 5 minute video story about a song that came off a train to a death Camp.

See for yourself! 



For more inspirational Jewish video, check out: TorahCafe.com!

Passover Seder Reports

Sudbury-20120406-00633.jpgClose to 100 people joined Chabad of Sudbury's Community Seder's, with 65 on the 1st night and just over 40 for the second Seder. By far our biggest and best ever, participants enjoyed great food, company, song, inspiration and more. The Seder's were jointly led by Rabbi Freeman of Sudbury and his father Arieh Freeman of London, UK, along with plenty readings by Seder participants and some songs and customs from around the world.

In addition Chabad of Sudbury ran a Seder at the Wingate of Sudbury for Jewish Residents and their families. The Seder was especially moving as Holocaust survivors along with family members and others shared a beautiful Passover Seder together.

While we were initially challenged on how we would fit 65 for the… Read More »

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