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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Model Matzah Bakery 2012 Video, 140 Photos & Report

Dana - Model Matza - Helping 3.JPGThis past Sunday March 25th dozens of local families packed two full sessions of the amazing Family Model Matzah Bakery. The Passover Story came alive as participants got to meet Moses and Pharoah (Volunteer Parents who wore the costumes) and were able to relive the Passover Story.

The participants then learned about Matzos and their meaning and message and were then able to begin the process of Matzah Making from choosing their kernels from the Wheat Stalks all the way through to grinding their kernels, making the dough, shaping their Matzah and finally walking away with a hot Matzah out the Matzah Oven.

While the participants were waiting for their Matzos to bake, they were able to… Read More »

Sudbury to Brooklyn Trip Photos, Report & Comments

IMG_6293.JPGThis past Sunday March 18th some 30 people comprising of individuals and families travelled down to New York for an unforgettable trip to Crown Heights and the Chabad Community in New York.  

Over the course of the day the group toured the amazing Jewish Children's Museum which brings to life Jewish Culture, History and Traditions with modern technology and creativity, a walking tour of an authentic Shemurah Matzah Bakery, a visit to a scribe workshop where they saw how the Torah, Teffilin and Mezuzot are handmade, a visit to an interesting Jewish art gallery where the Artist who is world renowned gave a presentation, a visit and very touching moment at the resting place of Rabbi Schnersohn who was the IMG_6235.JPGdynamic… Read More »

Purim Celebration Reports

Purim Sudbury 2012 084.jpgPurim 2012 was celebrated in a fun, joyous and meaningful way at the Chabad Center of Sudbury. Events included Purim in the Chocolate Factory, an Adult Purim Dinner, a Purim celebration at the Wingate Senior Center and the distribution of almost 100 Purim Packages from the Chabad Sudbury Purim Project.

On Wednesday evening over 60 participants joined the Purim in the Chocolate Factory experience which included a Megilla Reading, a Chocolate Spread and Chocolate Fountain, Hamantashen and Fruit dipping in Chocolate, games, and lots more. 

Purim Sudbury 2012 092.jpgOn Thursday afternoon local seniors and some relatives joined together for a Purim celebration in the Wingate at Sudbury which brought joy, smiles, songs and food to the seniors… Read More »

Pictures & Video of Mendel's Upshernish

DSCN1174.JPGMany friends, community members and relatives recently joined together for the Upshernish and 3rd birthday celebration of Mendel Freeman. The Upshernish celebration marks the first formal Jewish education of a child at the age of 3 years old and is celebrated by giving the child his first  haircut and teaching him to begin using a Yarmulka and Tzitis. The event brought together many local families and children, and relatives from far and near incuding Mendel's grandfather Arieh Freeman, his Grandmother Shoshana Plotke, and aunts and uncles from NY and LA to celebrate this momentous occasion.

DSCF1793.JPGHonored with the first snip was Arieh Freeman who is the grandfather of Mendel and also a Kohen, he… Read More »

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