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“Please join me for My 3rd Birthday and Upshernish Ceremony”

BAA_3496.JPG“Please join me for My 3rd Birthday and Upshernish Ceremony”

Hi my name is Mendel, soon I’ll be three. So we’re having a party especially for me.

It’s more than a birthday as you’ll read in this rhyme. We’re cutting my hair for the very first time. “Upshernish” is Yiddish, it means cutting hair. A Kippa & Tzitzit, I’ll now start to wear. The Torah compares a little boy to a tree. Whose fruit may not be cut until it turns three. If its roots are well nourished it will grow strong and pure. Then the tree just like me will always stand secure. Join me on my special day and cut a snip of my hair. A Simcha is better when friends and family share

Love Mendel


Please join us as… Read More »

Jewish Scribal Arts & The Dead Sea Scrolls

Hachnasas Sefer Torah 014.JPGThe Chabad Center of Sudbury is pleased to present a workshop and presentation on Jewish Scribal Arts (Safrut) & Ancient Jewish Texts. Arieh Freeman of London, UK is to lecture and present the workshop which will take place next Thursday evening March 1st. He will focus on the topic of Safrut (Jewish Scribal Arts) & the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as showing some unique aspects of Safrut in writings such as Mezuzot.

Mr. Freeman who has been a Sofer (Jewish Scribal Artist) for some 30 years, has lectured and presented extensively on the topic of Jewish Scribal Arts, Ancient Jewish Texts, Graphology, Dead Sea Scrolls and more. Participants are welcome to bring one Mezuzah each from their home to have it checked by… Read More »

Why Shayna is in NY!

KinusW.jpgToday, my wife Shayna left for New York for the annual Shluchos conference, which brings together over 3000 women from across the globe. The conference, or Kinus as it is affectionately known, is five days of profound inspiration, learning and camaraderie from where the women who represent a vast array of Chabad educators, leaders, teachers, Chabad Center Directors and more, return even more enthused to serve their respective communities.

The conference coincides with the anniversary of passing of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneersohn, of righteous memory, on Shevat 22. Today, Wednesday Shvat 22 is her Yartzeit. For a five minute video about this remarkable woman of valor, scholarship and dignity, go to The-Rebbetzin.

In the… Read More »

What Oprah saw at Chabad

This week Oprah Winfrey has been showing a 2 part series on an Inside look at the Hassidic world. She interview the beautiful Ginsburg family, she interviewed an interracial Hassidic Family, and she conducted interviews with Hassidic women to get their take on the role of women in the Hassidic world.

I think this series is a great eye-opener into a world that many are either mindful, curious, wary, or in awe of.

Check it out the clip below and see this beautiful story! 

Exclusive Webisode: Hasidic Parents Reflect on Their Blessings

Shterna and Aron Ginsberg, parents of nine children with one more on the way, share how humbled they feel when they look around the dinner table. Plus, learn why Shterna says each… Read More »

New Camp Gan Israel Website Launched!

CGIWEBPAGE.jpgThe Chabad Center of Sudbury has just launched a brand new website for Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury. The new website comes with many features which will be very helpful in running and managing a camp website in a cutting edge manner.

To visit the new website, go to www.cgisudbury.com

The sleek new website is in the process of being setup, so if you see something that could be improved or that needs fixing please share any feedback at [email protected]


Do we live in a Jungle or a Garden?

Purim Project Launched by Chabad of Sudbury

 PurimProject.jpgThis year the holiday of Purim is celebrated on Wednesday evening, March 7th and continues through to  nightfall of Thursday March 8th.  

One very special mitvah of Purim is to send Kosher food gifts to our neighbors, friends and family members. This is known as Mishloach Manot or Shalach Manos.  Mishloach Manot - Muchnik

Our Chabad House has implemented a innovative online program to assist you in remembering your friends on Purim while simultaneously supporting Chabad 

If you have received your unique user ID and password, you can login to our system which will allow you to select from a list of families in our community. (If we inadvertently omitted anyone, of if you… Read More »

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