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A Nation in Mourning & The Day After

WalkingOn Monday evening, my children came home from school and asked me if I had heard what had happened in Connecticut on Friday. I had hoped that they wouldn’t hear the details  of the story, but realized that they had heard plenty from their friends, so I took the opportunity to have a discussion, answer their questions, and allay their concerns. The next morning as we were walking into school, one of my children asked me if there are similar murderers living in Massachusetts.

I looked at him and realized his young and innocent mind was thinking about the tragedy in the context of his own little world and was innocently wondering about his own safety and school. I made sure that we had another discussion before he went into class… Read More »

Death at Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook.jpgOn Friday as we entered Shabbos, the devastating news of the deadly attack on schoolchildren and their teachers was just beginning to emerge in its full details. As we lit the 7th candle of Chanukah and kindled the Shabbat candles the immensity of the tragedy was on our minds although we didn’t yet know the full extent of the murder.
On Shabbos morning, I was reading the weekly portion and the various Haftorah readings that could be read for yesterday’s Shabbat and in doing so I read a powerful story of King Solomon that I would like to share, as I believe the message is timely and appropriate in light of the tragedy in Connecticut.
Many years ago during the reign of King Solomon, two women once came to the… Read More »

My late night search and the Sudbury Menorah

Raffle.jpgEarlier this week right after we had our largest ever Sudbury Chanukah celebration I realized that we had misplaced a small bag with raffle tickets from the event and it had most likely ended up in the dumpster at the Town Hall. Normally I would not care and would just move on as we had already drawn the raffle ticket, but this time I really wanted to get back the contents of that bag. You see these were not just any old Raffle Tickets, rather each child at the event had the opportunity to write down on those raffle tickets what they liked about the event, and I really needed to find them and see what they wrote.

Later on that evening when we finished doing our final cleanup at 10:30pm at night, I went with my son Levi along with our… Read More »

Wingate Nursing Home Chanukah Celebration

 Wayland-20121213-00496.jpgYesterday on the sixth night of Chanukah, residents of the Wingate Nursing Home and their family members enjoyed a beautiful Chanukah Celebration with Chabad of Sudbury and some students of the Chabad Sudbury Hebrew School.

Residents enjoyed a beautiful Menorah Lighting Ceremony and singing of Chanukah songs along with the children. After the Menorah lighting the children played exciting dreidel games with the residents to see who could get a better spin and win the chocolate coins. One of the highlights of the event was the beautiful musical and singing presentations that included two Piano renditions and a singing performance of a Yiddish song.


Thank you to Brett Goldman, Dylan Goldman, Avi… Read More »

Full Video of the Sudbury Chanukah Celebration

VideoChanukah.jpgEnjoy the full video of the Sudbury Chanukah Celebration. The event drew a huge crowd and provided an exciting and meaningful Chanukah experience for the Sudbury area community!

We extend a special thank you to Martin Kaye for taking the video and for uploading it.

Enjoy the viewing and Happy Chanukah!




Photos, Video & Report of the Sudbury Chanukah Celebration

Sudbury Chanukah Celebration 2012 060.jpgThis past Tuesday evening, almost 150 people joined together for our largest Sudbury Chanukah Celebration yet! The large crowd included many children, families, adults and a huge mix of people from the local community and beyond. 

Festivities began with light music and some entertainment with Benjamin the Clown at 6pm. A few minutes later when the crowd began to swell, Rabbi Freeman shared a few words to the community, welcoming everyone to the event, thanking the sponsors and the town, and sharing an inspirational message about Chanukah. 

As the many children and adults watched with excitement the large 8 foot Menorah was lit after the blessings were said and a flawless lighting took place. The crowd… Read More »

Chanukah Celebration Welcome

Sudbury Chanukah Celebration 2012 025.jpgGood Evening Friends & Happy Chanukah

Welcome to the Sudbury Chanukah Celebration!

The other day I was in the Post Office and I see a lady going to buy stamps for her Chanukah cards, and she says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Chanukah stamps?"

The clerk says, "What denomination?"

The woman says, "Oh my God. Has it come to this? Give me 6 Orthodox, 10 Conservative, 30 Reform, and 14 Unaffiliated"

Friends, Chanukah transcends all our external differences, Chanukah is a uniting Holiday, a time when all of us come together and remember our shared purpose and destiny. Chanukah is a time when we think back to our people’s past and miraculous story of survival, and when we give thanks to G-d for the… Read More »

What Chanukah in Cuba, Venezuela, London and Sudbury have in common!

Menorah and WorldChanukah is one of my favorite Holidays of the year and it is a Holiday that is full of abundant special moments and memories. Chanukah makes me think back to my days as a child in London when we would go to a huge outdoor Chanukah Celebration that included a  thirty foot Menorah, thousands of revelers who celebrated and danced in the streets. It reminds me of when we participated in a parade that included cars with Menorahs fitted on top that paraded through the streets of London and took a ride near Buckingham Palace (before Kate Middleton was around). Chanukah reminds me of many awesome Chanukah celebrations that we  had as a family as we lit the Menorah together each night of Chanukah as we were growing up.

Chanukah also… Read More »

Year End Campaign 2012

Dear Friends,

Donate Online (225)In 2013 the Capital Gains Taxes on your stock investments will be going up, in fact many corporations are giving out early dividends so that you can take advantage of lower taxes now. What does this mean to you? Will this mean that you will now get a lower return on your investment?

Truth to be told, I don't really know as I am not a financial consultant and wouldn't know what to advise. Yet, I do want to tell you about another investment which had an amazing yield in 2012. The Stock ticker is CCOS (that's right, the Chabad Center of Sudbury) and despite the tough markets we had another banner year.

CCOS returns include dozens of adults participating in hundreds of hours of classes, dozens of children… Read More »

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