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When my Grandparents were Assaulted & our Eight Friends at the UN

UN_General_Assembly.jpgMany years ago when my grandparents were well into their seventies, they were once taking a walk near their apartment building when they were assaulted in broad daylight. It all happened so fast, that before they knew it, my grandmother was thrown to the ground and had a broken finger and a bruised face, and my grandfather was in such shock and disbelief that he didn’t even have a chance to see the attacker, who made off with my grandmother’s handbag. My grandmother ended up in hospital and the attacker was never caught, but we were relieved that she wasn’t hurt more seriously and was able to make a quick recovery.  

Another grandfather of mine, although this one is from several generations back, was also assaulted… Read More »

Red Alert! Incoming Missile! What do we do?

iRON dOME.jpgYou freeze and your heart skips a beat, it’s the unmistakable chilling sound of the Tzeva Adom Air Raid siren. You are in shock, and for a moment you are frozen to your place, and then you realize that you have only seconds to run, and you make a mad dash for the shelter, hoping and praying that you make it before the missile lands somewhere around you.  Your kids and neighbors are screaming and crying, and you can’t get in touch with your loved ones, and all you can do is pray and wait for the Boom! You enter the shelter in a mad rush along with other frantic families and seconds later you hear a mighty explosion and you only hope that no one was hurt!

Friends, this is what millions of our brothers and sisters across… Read More »

Mazal Tov Jacob Reznik

Mazal TovThe Chabad Center of Sudbury would like to extend a Mazal Tov to Jacob Reznik on the celebration of his Bar Mitzvah. We would also like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to his parents on this beautiful milestone.

This past Sunday Jacob was joined by family and friends at the Chabad Center of Sudbury as he donned his Tefillin for the first time along with his father and grandfather.

Mazal Tov Jacob, may you grow from strength to strength!

Reflections on the passing of a close friend, Dr Barry Lang

DSCN1140.JPGEarlier this week I attended the funeral of Dr. Barry Lang, who was a close friend of mine, and was a regular participant at our classes and courses. Barry wasn’t just a close friend, but was someone who taught both myself and his many friends a lot about life.

Barry was an accomplished person who was both a physician and a lawyer, yet at the same time he held a deep rooted passion for learning Torah and discovering more about his Judaism. Personally I love learning and find it amazing to see the many faces that partake in our Torah study and courses, yet Barry’s drive for knowledge was unique and it inspired you to want to learn even more.

Over the last few years, Barry was fighting a brutal battle with cancer, yet for a… Read More »

Sandy, now what?

IMG-20121030-WA001.jpgSandy has come and gone, but in its wake it has left a trail of misery, destruction, and death. Many of us in Massachusetts experienced some damage, downed trees, no power, or no school for our children among many other disruptions, yet nothing comes close to what millions are going through in other parts of the North East. Thousands of people are still stranded in places reachable only by boat and many more are without power and heat.

I have spoken to many friends in the NY & NJ areas who have been extremely hard hit and don't have power or heat for their families. The stories of devastation that we read about, hear about and that I have heard first hand from colleagues of mine are truly catastrophic in… Read More »

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