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The Man with the Tattoo and the story of Abraham

Tattoo.jpgGrowing up in England I used to meet Holocaust Survivors all the time, although back then I didn’t appreciate the full nature of what they experienced as the full horror of the Holocaust was still beyond me. I remember one particular individual who would come and pray every morning at the 7am Minyan in our synagogue. I vividly remember watching him roll up his sleeve to place his Teffilin on his arm each morning only to expose the tattooed number that he had received at Auschwitz as he would recite the blessing in his high-pitched voice. Every day when I would see this person’s arm I couldn’t help but think back to the horrors that he might have experienced and would be humbled by seeing him come each morning to the s… Read More »

Larry King & 3 Chabad Rebbitzens (On the role of women in Chabad)

LarryKing3Chabad.jpgCheck out this three minute clip of an interview that Larry King had with three Chabad Shluchot, (two of whom are Shayna Freeman of Sudbury's close friends) on the unique dynamic role of women in Chabad. 


Saved by a Boeing 777 & Noah's Flood

Airplane.jpgThis week I read a story about Glenn Ey. an Australian sailor who is lucky to be alive after being picked up some 270 miles out at sea after running out of fuel and having a broken mast. What makes him extra lucky to be alive is that it took a Boeing 777 with 300 people on board and a joint visual search effort by hundreds of passengers and the crew as well as the airplane’s descent to some 3700 feet above sea level to spot him and pass on his location.

It all began this past Tuesday, at 8:15am when the Australian Maritime Safety Authority received an emergency beacon activation coming from approximately 270 nautical miles east of Sydney. The authorities immediately requested an Air Canada Flight Boeing 777 en route from Vancouver to… Read More »

Sukkot & Simchat Torah Recap

IMG_7667.JPGThe Holiday of Sukkot & Simchat Torah was celebrated in Sudbury with many great celebrations and joyful events. It was really wonderful to start the year with such joyful programs and to see so many adults and children particiapting in the fun and meaningful events.

Thank you to everyone for their help, support and participation. We couldn't have done it without you!


Our Events Included what's below and more..... 

Sukkot under the Stars that drew almost 50 people.
A Sukkot Torah Study in a dripping wet Sukkah (but it was fun anyway)
Plenty of Lulav Shakes and Guests in the Sukkah
A fun Hebrew School Sukkot Celebration
A joyous Simchat Torah eve celebration that included lively dancing and some great food.
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