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Is a Minimum Wage fair?

Minimum Wage 2.jpgDo you think there should be a minimum wage? Or do you think it is wrong to impose a Minimum Wage on society?

Watch this video and see if you still agree?

Join us tomorrow evening Jan 31st at 7:30pm as our current JLI Course "Money Matters" tackles the topic of the fairness of the Minimum Wage.

To read more about this course click here. 

Inside Insider Trading Debated at Chabad

Fortune.jpgThe Inside Scoop on Insider Trading was discussed and debated at the launch of this week's Money Matters Course. Some 15 participants analyzed Jewish, Legal & Talmudic texts as they examined the ethics behind Inside Trading, and whether for example you have to be willing to lose your 401K if you have access to privileged information.

US Law was looked at, as well as practical cases of Insider Trading, the rules for Congress Members and the high demands and diligence that Judaism asks us to place on our Business Ethics and Practice.

Next Tuesday Jan 31st, we will take a look at the fairness of the Minimum Wage. To read more about the course or to sign up click… Read More »

JBN Event with Coach Ed McDonough Pictures & Report

Jewish Business Network Jan 25th 2011 1.jpgA great turnout of local businessmen and women showed up at the monthly Jewish Business Network for a Networking event and a presentation by Executive Business Coach Ed McDonough on "How do you get more Customers"?

Rabbi Freeman began the evening with a short Jewish reflection on the theme of the first instruction to the Jewish people after slavery in Egypt, which was making a Jewish calendar to mark time. He explained how before anything else was done, the very first item that the Jews needed to take control of and learn to imbue with purpose, meaning and holiness, was time itself. Once they had that under their belt, they could continue forward with everything else.

After some light… Read More »

Video of Camp Gan Israel 2011

Video CGI 2011.jpgCheck out this short video that includes photos and video snippets of Camp Gan Israel 2011. Watch it and get a taste of what made this camp so great and thrilling for the kids who participated. After you have watched it you can go to www.chabadsudbury.com/camp to read up info on this year's camp. Don't forget about our early bird discount and register before March 1st for a 10% discount on your camp tuition.. 

Check out this Video of Camp Gan Israel Sudbury 2011!

To register for Camp Gan Israel Summer 2012 Click Here 

Check out the Video for our upcoming course Money Matters!

Money Matters: Wisdom of the Ages on today's Economic Crisis

Launching in Sudbury on Jan 24th and Jan 29th! 

Course Overview

Money Matters will present Judaism’s approach to practical economic dilemmas and monetary quandaries that we face daily in both our personal and professional lives.

The goal of this course is to provide a sensitive, fair, and unshakable economic paradigm grounded in 3,000 years of tradition and practical experience—an ancient yet fresh spin on how we view ethics of money. 

Students will emerge from this course with an understanding that only a divine economic system can ensure unequivocal justice while recognizing the virtue in each stakeholder’s position. Money Matters will show… Read More »

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