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New Exciting Growth Opportunity for Chabad of Sudbury

CareAfter four years in our current location a new and exciting growth opportunity has recently become available for Chabad of Sudbury.  We are currently exploring leasing a  much bigger space for Chabad which would allow us to take our growth to the next level and enable us to provide and do so much more. Many people have stepped up to help and partner with us in this tremendous new endeavor and it looks like we are on the right track for this to succeed.

If you too would like to consider getting involved by committing to becoming a Partner of Chabad of Sudbury you could be part of this exciting growth. If you would like to setup a time to talk and discuss this in… Read More »

Check out the most Annoying Holiday Fruit Video

Oh, and if you want to find out more about this exciting stuff and when it will launch click here.

Meet the Bereaved Fathers' Choir

Check out this beautiful video clip of  "the Bereaved Fathers' Choir" a Choir made up of a group of parents who lost their children to terror or in IDFservice and who deal with the grief by singing.

To read more about them click here.

Sep 11 10 years on!


I will never forget the moments 10 years ago on 9-11-2011 while standing in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York when a friend told me that a plane had gone into the World Trade Center. In the following minutes an eerie and deathly calm seemed to settle over New York as regular traffic stopped settled ,thick black smoke filled the air, and a raging sea of sirens and emergency cars all streamed by our Eastern Parkway location on the way to the WTC. From our own community nearly every volunteer paramedic jumped into their cars and drove in a never ending flow towards the smoke. The full scope of the disaster was not yet known but the horror quickly became apparent as I stood with NYPD officers on the roof of… Read More »

President Peres Opens Academic Year at Chabad-Run School

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