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140 Photos & Report of the Sefer Torah Celebration Event

IMG_7515.JPGThis past Sunday June 19th, Sudbury witnessed a truly historic event as a new Sefer Torah Scroll was completed and dedicated at Chabad of Sudbury. The scroll dedicated in memory of Reb Tzvi Hersch Liederman by his granddaughter Elizabeth, was written in Israel and completed at the actual event by participants and family members.

Participants expressed their joy at seeing such a remarkable and special event in Hachnasas Sefer Torah 094.JPGthe heart of Sudbury and being able to show their children and family members the uniqueness of this event. The happiness and joy were rampant as the Torah was marched under a Chuppah up and down Union Ave and in front of Chabad along with live music and much dancing by young and old alike.

The final letters… Read More »

Hebrew School Graduation 2011 Pictures and Report

IMG_2689.JPGThis past Sunday our annual Hebrew School graduation took place at the Chabad Center of Sudbury. Parents and family members enjoyed the display put on by the students as they showed some of their talent and knowledge that they gained at the Hebrew School.

Following the display each student received an honor certificate which listed their specific accomplishments and achievements. Participants also enjoyed a multimedia Jewpardy game, refreshments, and arts and crafts.

IMG_2681.JPGRemarks were shared by Rabbi Freeman and Shayna Freeman the Hebrew School Director on the driving theme of the Hebrew School,  namely to strive to help each child shine on their own and bring out their inner potential in… Read More »

Shavuot Celebration Recap

Shavuot Edited.jpgThis past Wednesday more than 60 adults and children gathered together to hear a reading of the Ten Commandments for the 3323rd time in our people's history. Following the reading everyone enjoyed a delicious Shavuot Dairy Buffet which featured great food and desserts and fun was had by all. We also made history this year in that we managed to finish all the food for the first time at our Shavuot Dairy Buffet :).

We would like to give a big thank you to Mr. & Mrs Alex & Sandra Gutt who sponsored the event in honor of their daughter Rachel. 

Pictures and Report of the Spa for the Body & Soul

IMG_2676.JPGThis past Sunday local ladies joined together at the home of Dr. Harold & Sharon Arkoff for a evening of a Spa for the Body & Soul. The evening featured spa treatments, massages, manicures, facials and lots more in the beautiful setting of this host's home, along with great food, a unique presentation by former NBC Producer Molly Resnick who shared her life story and experiences ("From Showbiz to Shabbos") and some great time for socializing and schmoozing.

IMG_2620.JPGThe evening was organized by the Jewish Women's Circle of the Chabad Center of Sudbury and was the culmination of the efforts of a dedicated group of women who are part of the JWC Committee,Tiffany Laskin, Helaine Hyzen, Elaine Allen, Robin Brookmyer, Shiri… Read More »

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