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What a weekend!


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Chabad Center of Sudbury 22 Union Ave #9

Oasis in Time: The Gift of Shabbat in a 24/7 World
6 Sundays
Beginning 05/08/2011
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Seder Report

Sder 2011 2.jpg50 people joined Chabad of Sudbury's Community Passover Seder to welcome in Passover. Participants came from Sudbury and some of the surrounding towns and enjoyed a lively traditional Seder along with great food, song and company.

What happened in Sudbury?

Dear Friend,

Did you know that in the last 3 weeks over 300 people have directly benefited from the unique programs offered by the Chabad Center of Sudbury?

Over 100 people joined the Purim in Hawaii Celebration (Pictures)

Over 150 people joined the annual Model Matzah Bakery (Pictures)

Over 80 people participated in classes on Torah, Judaism, & Contemporary issues, Women's Programs & Lectures on various topics at Chabad of Sudbury (Pictures & More)

Over 50 people will be participating at our community Seders. In addition a Seder for seniors and their families will be taking place at a local Senior Residence.

In short, hundreds have benefited from these enriching and… Read More »

Matzah Bakery 2011 55 Photos & Report

IMG_2380.JPGOver 150 joyous participants joined this year's Chabad of Sudbury's annual Model Matzah Bakery Family experience this past Sunday. The event which was held at the Nobscot Reservation featured a Model Matzah Bakery at which participants could learn and live the story of  Passover and Matzah Baking, a chance to meet Pharaoh and Moses, a Model Seder, Passover Arts & Crafts and lots more.

Participants separated grains from their stalks, shelled them, then ground them on stone mills, made a dough with that flour, and ultimately make their very own Matzah. The energy was high in the room as dozens rolled out their dough and punched holes in their Matzot to ensure that they wouldn't rise. 

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30 Photos & Report of Moroccan Themed Women's Night Out

JWCJANEditedIMG_2166.JPGThis past Thursday evening local ladies enjoyed an evening out of socializing, a great Moroccan Food Presentation & Tasting by Tehila Cherubino, and a riveting life story by Reyna Simnegar.

The evening began with a Moroccan Food Culinary Presentation who shared with the participants preparation methods for some unique Moroccan Dishes, Salads and Desserts. The dishes included a Moroccan Vegetable Soup, a Couscous Dish with Chicken, various salads and a Moroccan Orange Cake. Following the presentation everyone sat down and enjoyed the delicious food.

JWCJANEditedIMG_2191.JPGReyna Simnegar then shared her riveting and powerful life story which began in her country of birth Venezuela who as a child felt drawn to the Jewish Community and… Read More »

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