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What a Weekend!

Kinnus2.jpgWow! What a weekend! I just came back from a powerful and exhilarating weekend in New York at the International Chabad Shluchim's Conference.

Each year in November and February two amazing conferences take place in NY as thousands of Rabbi's and Jewish Leaders come together in November and thousands of Chabad Shluchos, Rebbiztens and Jewish Leaders come together in February for the International Conferences of Chabad Emissaries.

Over the weekend there are dozens of sessions and workshops that deal with all kinds of issues and topics and thousands of Rabbi's and leaders share ideas to improve and expand Jewish life in their communities. Some of the sessions are in smaller groups, others are in the hundreds… Read More »

The 1% & Wealth Distribution. Check out the New Elections 2012 Monthly Series

Elections 2012 Main Image.jpgHave you been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement unfold? Do you support it or do you resent it? Has it caused you to think more about the issues? What about Wealth Redistribution? Welfare? Healthcare Reform? Are these issues on your mind as the country prepares for the 2012 Elections?

Chabad of Sudbury is pleased to present a new monthly series entitled "Elections 2012" in which we will analyze some of the hot issues of the Elections 2012 Campaign from a Jewish perspective. 

Presidential election campaigns raise issues that concern most citizens. Politicians strive for advantage as they seek election; citizens seek to do the right thing, to use the power of the ballot to express their… Read More »

Exciting Camp Reunion & Campes & Friends Chanukah Celebration at Pump it Up

CGI 2011 159.JPGAn exciting Camp Reunion & Chanukah Celebration at Pump it Up is being planned for all campers of last year's CGI as well as friends and especially anyone who might be considering joining CGI Sudbury 2012. The reunion at which the staff from CGI 2011 will be joining us from the various locations will be held at Pump It Up in Shrewsbury and will feature fun time and a Chanukah Party.

The event will take place on Thursday afternoon December 22nd at 4:45pm. For more info or to RSVP please email us at info@chabadsudbury.com or call 978-443-0110 

We hope to have the final dates and general info available for Camp Gan Israel 2012 in the next few… Read More »

2 Dozen + join new Adult Ed Course!

GlassesMore than 2 dozen people have signed up for our exciting new course entitled Fascinating Facts: Myths and Facts of Judaism. The great turnout as well as the diverse array of minds and opinions will help make this course one of the best to date. In the first session of the course which took place this past Tuesday we explored many key Jewish Ideas where there are myths and misconceptions as well as key life lessons that could be learned from each one. Examples included, the shape of the Ten Commandments, the Shape of the Menorah, where the Jews crossed the sea, what fruit did Adam and Eve eat, if Matza came about by accident, did Moses break the Tablets in anger, and many more ideas.

Please consider joining us next Tuesday Nov… Read More »

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