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Rosh Hashanah: Reconnecting with Ourselves (RH Sermon)


Freeman Yisroel.jpgAround 65 years ago there lived a Jew by the name of Zvi Hirsh Friedman in a town called? Zubzek? near Lodz in Poland.  Reb Zvi Hirsh was a learned person and a G-d fearing person. He used to work very hard to earn a living as someone who transported merchandise from one town to the next using a horse and wagon. At night time he would spend his hours studying Torah by candlelight in the attic so as not to disturb his 3 children.

The residents of Zubzek knew Reb Zvi Hirsh as a very kind and generous person, and anytime anyone needed help in their town Reb Zvi Hirsh was there. The children of his town loved him especially so as on Shabbos he would give out candies in the Synagogue along with his famous smile.

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